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Jim Beam Offers Limited Release Of Its Oldest Bourbon

LEXINGTON, Ky. ? Want to taste history? Jim Beam is bringing back the distillery?s oldest brand nationally and making it the way it was more


Jim Beam To Bring Back ‘old Tub’ Bourbon For Limited Time

Jim Beam is rereleasing its old- school whiskey.


It’s Bourbon Night: Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Blind Flight Fight

The It's Bourbon Night team does a blind taste comparison through some of the different Jim Beam bourbons.


Celebrate National Bourbon Day With Deals On Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, And Evan Williams

While you may not get to enjoy bourbon at a bar today, celebrate America's native spirit with online deals instead.


Bourbon Pursuit Podcast #254: Present And Future Of Jim Beam With Fred And Freddie Noe

The Bourbon Pursuit podcast team talks with the Noe family about current and future happenings at Jim Beam.


The 7 Best New Bourbons And Whiskeys Of 2020 (so Far)

COVID-19 or not, the whiskey boom rolls on. These are the best new bottles of brown to seek out this year.


Overcoming Challenges To Make The Perfect Bourbon Whiskey, Here’s The Story Of Jim Beam Distillery

The story of Jim Beam distillery is one of seven generations and two centuries old. The distillery has faced countless challenges while focusing on one goal - to make the perfect bourbon in the world.


Jim Beam-flavored Coffee Will Give Your Morning Cup The Boost It Needs

Whiskey and coffee enthusiasts are about to have a field day: Jim Beam-flavored coffee exists. Yes, the popular bourbon whiskey maker has a line of coffee that’ll make your morning cup of caffeine more exhilarating (or just give a nice lil pop to dessert, for all of the after-dinner coffee drinkers out there).


Kentucky Distillers Churning Out Sanitizer In Fighting Virus

FRANKFORT, Ky. ? Kentucky's whiskey industry is always looking for new twists, but its inventiveness took a real turn when coronavirus hit.


Whiskey Review: Little Book Chapter 03: The Road Home

We review Little Book Chapter 03: The Road Home, a blended bourbon drawing from various Beam brands that was created by Freddie Noe, the son of Fred Noe, Jim Beam's current master distiller.