The Joy Of Creation Gin Is In The Detail

With the exciting launch of Creation’s first gins, the question can be posed: gin from one of South Africa’s top cool-climate wine estates?

Carolyn Martin explains: “The possibilities of what to drink with what you eat are fascinating. And so are the choices of an uplifting drink after one’s meal. Although gin is often enjoyed as an aperitif we also love drinking it as a refreshing pick-me-up after the meal – especially on a warm summer’s night.” 

Well, when a master distiller and a multiple award-winning winemaker merge their considerable skills, you can expect magic. And so only the purest gin, small batch-distilled with extracts of the finest quality Italian juniper and local botanicals, is matured in second-fill Chardonnay or Pinot Noir barrels. The result? An infusion of delightful delicacy yet remarkable depth.

Creation’s first gins are distilled in collaboration with Triple Three Distillery. Beautifully crafted, they deserve to be served with best quality tonic water and just the subtlest and freshest of garnishing. Thus special attention is paid to mixology, enhancing and elevating the experience.