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What you can expect to eat on an African Safari

A group of kids was asked the first things that come to their mind when they hear the word ‘Africa.’ The most common replies were animals, lions, dancing, zebra, drum, hot, and safari. The list of words from adults would probably be very similar. The food is one thing not often associated with Africa, but it should be. This land of wilderness offers a tremendous variety of fresh local ingredients, spices and vegetables. Most resorts and lodges grow their own organic vegetables and fruits.


4 Las Vegas Bars To Add To Your Bucket List

Las Vegas has its share of bars and nightclubs, but what makes a bar truly stand out is its unique atmosphere and experience, as well as the level of customer service. Since Vegas is packed with bars, we went ahead and picked out four of the best for you to choose from. Enjoy, and remember, always drink responsibly.

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3 Celebrity Holiday Cocktail Recipes to Try This New Year

As much as we love the food, decorations and fashion of New Year’s and Christmas get-togethers, let’s be honest, what we’re really in for is the booze. Whether it’s a fancy martini, a warm spiked drink or a good ol’-fashioned cocktail, the holidays aren’t the holidays if there aren’t some delicious sips being served.


Luxury Shoe Brand Launches Mens Slippers In Honour of Macallan Whisky

Smoking slippers are one of those shoes we recommend adding to your wardrobe each and every holiday season.


Go Decadent With A Brownie And Bourbon Caramel Trifle

The basic principle of the classic British trifle is simple: Assemble layers of whipped cream, custard, cake and fruit in a glass trifle dish. That’s it!


Rcmp In Nova Scotia Hope New Impaired Driving Laws Will Decrease Number Of Impaired Drivers

Officers will still need a legal reason to pull someone over, but once they do, they can ask for the breath sample and drivers who refuse could face charges.


B.c. Wine Of The Week, Wine To Cellar And Calendar Items

Vancouver Sun wine expert Anthony Gismondi?s news from the wine and food world, recommended B.C. wine of the week, and a wine to add to your cellar.


Charlies And The Chocolate Test Kitchen

The stars of the stage musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory test out our seriously sweet hot chocolate and gingerbread concoctions.

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