Victoria Beckham Drinks Red Wine To Stay Healthy

Ex-Spice Girl singer Victoria Beckham told This Morning that she loves to drink red wine and believes it is one of the things that keeps her healthy.

“I tell myself it’s really good to drink red wine. I did hear that once, and I think it’s probably the wine industry that said that but I like it, so I kind of throw that into the equation as well.”

When asked if she would rather drink red wine or tequila, the fashion designer confessed her love for the popular spirit.

She added: “That’s like the hardest one. This is killing me. It depends what tequila. It depends what red wine – but I’m going to go with wine.”

This is not the first time that the wife of soccer star David Beckham declared her love for wine. A couple of years ago the couple made headlines when they drank almost £2,000 worth of vintage wine during a mid-week date night.

We believe that the Posh Spice just have a love for liquor in general, considering that she likes to start her day with this easy-to-make vodka cocktail.