In The War On Plastic Is Coca-cola Friend Or Foe?

For many people, the Coca-Cola brand now stands for plastic pollution and childhood obesity.


Festival Celebrates Uk’s ‘biggest Cider Region’

There is evidence to suggest cider has been produced in Herefordshire since the 15th Century.


Gin Ad Banned Over Climbers Drinking On Mountain

A watchdog ruled it was irresponsible to suggest alcohol should be drunk during physical activity.


Tech-savvy Stamp Collectors Energise An Old Hobby

Technology is helping stamp collectors to share their passion and keep rogue operators at bay.


Thousands Of Fish Die After Jim Beam Warehouse Fire

Run-off from the bourbon warehouse fire has travelled more than 20 miles, killing scores of fish.


Scotch In Trump’s Trade Crosshairs

Tariffs have become President Trump's signature foreign policy and Scotch whisky was bound to be drawn in.


Distilleries Draw ‘record’ Visitor Numbers

The Scotch Whisky Association says visitor numbers passed two million for the first time in the last year.


When Pepsi Was Swapped For Soviet Warships

For some countries bartering has long been a vital part of how they trade overseas.


‘brazen’ Burglar’s Cake And Fanta Break

The thief was seen on CCTV sitting on a check-out and having a drink during a raid on a garden centre.


‘base Jumping’ Whisky Advert Banned

Regulators find that an advert for The Macallan promoted "risky behaviour" and was irresponsible.

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