Coca-cola Alcoholic Drink Hits Japan

The US giant wants a sip of Japan's alcopop market and launches its first alcoholic drink.


100-year-old Whisky Found In Cupboard

The bottle is to go on display for the first time since it was found in a laundry cupboard in Ayrshire.


Scotland Calls Time On Cheap Booze

The new law sets a minimum price at which alcohol can be sold in a bid to tackle problem drinking.


New Pricing Law Could See Spirits Rise By £3

The big six supermarkets in Scotland will have to raise prices to comply with minimum pricing of alcohol.


The First Lady Of Scotch Whisky

Rachel Barrie is a rarity in the world of Scotch whisky - a female master blender.


Us Winemakers Feel Crushed By China Tariffs

What the wine industry tells us about US-China trade tensions.


Heineken Ad Labelled ‘terribly Racist’

The US star says he believes some companies are purposely putting out "racist ads" for more views.


Coca-cola Unveils Global Recycling Aims

The drinks giant is pledging to reclaim a used can or bottle for every one sold.


What Makes A Whisky Cask Worth £500,000?

Casks of Scotch whisky have been sold for more than £500,000. Why is interest so high in the spirit?


Calls To Ban Coca-cola Christmas Truck

A councillor said the soft drink giant's festive vehicle promotes a "grossly unhealthy" product.

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