Cape Winemakers Guild launches CWG VinPro Viticulture Protégé Programme

Committed to driving transformation in the South African wine industry, the Cape Winemakers Guild (CWG) in association with VinPro has expanded its highly successful Oenology Protégé Programme with


Another Gold for Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs 2009

Results are just out from the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014 IWSC 2014 Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs 2009 Producer Name: Graham Beck Wines Award: Gold Tasting Category: Bottle Fermente


Results of The Chamapagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships

The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships received over 650 entries from 16 different countries in the first year of judging, with 185 wines winning Gold and Silver medals – all listed


30 Years of Cape Winemakers’ Guild auctions

Originally posted on Out of the Press: It’s a pity, for two reasons, that the CWG auction tasting for the handful of us who taste the wines blind, is held mid-August. It is, of course, in the thick


Searching for the perfect bubble

bubblesonwine:The search continues……. long may it last!!!! Originally posted on Out of the Press: Every problem has a solution, so it is said. But not every solution is successful in its o | news | Raising the bubbly bar | news | Raising the bubbly bar.


South African wine needs a fresh, focused approach

This a shorten version of the Nedbank VinPro Information Day held recently:


White wines win this winter….

Usually white wines from the Loire are to springtime what reds wines are to winter. Except for the fact that this year winter has been very much about white wines, not red. There’s something so slee


Graham Beck Harvest News IV – The importance of barrel inspection

If you have ever seen Pierre or one of the cellar guys sticking their nose into a open or new barrel you might wonder why?


Graham Beck Harvest News III

Graham Beck keeps attracting attention.

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