R24 Billion Later, Pepsi Could Finally Have A Fighting Chance Against Coke In South Africa – and Maybe We’ll Get Funyuns Too

Pepsi has never been able to compete with Coca-Cola in SA, but now it will have big new distribution muscle.


Food Giant Pepsico Plans To Spend R24 Billion To Buy The Sa Maker Of Liqui-fruit And Bovril – in One Of Its Biggest Ever Deals Outside The Usa

PepsiCo plans to pay a large premium to buy out Pioneer Foods, as both companies stress the potential for growth in sub-Saharan Africa off the back of brands such as Sasko, Bokomo, and Maltabella.


Here’€™s How Much It Costs To Open A Vida, Mugg Bean Or Bootlegger Coffee Shop

You'll have to have a minimum of R1 million up front, preferably in cash.


Coca-cola Just Launched New Drink Mixers, And They’re Perfect For Whisky Fans

The drinks have been specially crafted to complement dark spirits.


The R2 Trillion Owner Of Lay’s Chips Is Suing Small Indian Farmers For Growing A Certain Type Of Potato

PepsiCo said they've had the rights to FL-2027 potato in India since 2016.


Cheap Imported Butter Is Undercutting Local Brands – Here’s How The Market Is Changing

Verskhove Maslo – that’s how you say “butter” in Ukrainian.


Here’s How Much A Beer Will Cost You In 10 Of The World’s Most Expensive Cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released its annual Cost of Living Report. Here's how much a beer costs in 10 of the most expensive cities.


These Food Prices Will Rise In Coming Months, Shoprite Warns

The price of maize meal has already started increasing, which in turn will have an impact on the cost of chicken.


Fantastic Last-minute Valentine’s Gifts To Order Online Now

We've looked far and wide for affordable, but pretty cool gifts.


The Coke ‘vagina’ Can Is Real

A photo of a Coca-Cola can with the word "Xitombo" on it is causing an uproar .

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