Black Friday: A Cheap-ish R600,000 Bottle Of Whisky, And Our Other Favourite Deals On Beer, Champagne, And Brandy

Here are the best deals from Pick n Pay Liquor, Checkers Liquor Shop, Ultra Liquors, Game, and Makro.


More Than 40% Of Sa’s Rich Now Live On Residential Estates

Criteria for the ratings included: communal gardens and parks; design and space; location, views and scenery; security features and facilities/activities available on the estate.


Our Five Favourite Black Friday Deals Right Now – including Coffee And A Red Toaster

So far we've spotted opportunities to stock up on beer, lipstick, and coffee, plus a free wireless controller for an XBox, and a cheap(er) red kettle.


The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Has Everything From An Ice Rink To A Zip Line, But It’s The Starbucks That Surprised Me Most

Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship. It has 23 eateries, and one of those is a run-of-the-mill Starbucks.


Bruce Whitfield: Things Are So Bad In South Africa People Aren’t Even Drinking Anymore

The numbers show that booze consumption is down in South Africa ? including in the realm where prices are stratospheric.


Glenlivet Is Trying To Get Customers On Board With Drinking Whiskey Out Of Little Pods That Dissolve In Your Mouth — And People Have Questions

Some people on social media have compared the whiskey capsules to Tide Pods, while others say they will ruin the experience of drinking whiskey.


Five South African Wines Received Nearly Perfect Scores In An International Competition – And You Can Buy One For R190

Judges at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) rated some South African wines very highly, and not all of them cost the earth.


South Africa Has New Draft Rules About Hot Drinks, And Ricoffy, Frisco, And Koffiehuis Are Definitely Not Coffee

South Africa has new draft rules about what may or may not be sold as coffee in South Africa – and some firm favourite mixtures that reference coffee in their names will be in the “not” list.


Bruce Whitfield: Your Favourite Cider Is Mostly Chinese – And Will Stay That Way For A While

Two thirds of the apple concentrate fermented for South African cider production is imported.


We Tried The New Coffee-flavoured Coke, Which Is Now On Sale In South Africa.

The new cola contains Brazilian coffee powder with 34mg caffeine in the 200ml can.

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