New Savanna Cider Ad Tackles The #MyFriendZone

Savanna Cider, with its crisp, dry and daringly witty sense of humour, is known for uplifting the nation through humour. This light-hearted perspective on life and the introduction of Siyavanna South Africa – “We get you; we are on the same page” – has enabled Savanna to effortlessly tap into everyday situations and bring them to life. Think of Savanna as the social commentator around South Africans’ everyday life. 


Brand Tells #savannachallenge Tweeps To Take A Rest

#SavannaChallenge is a trend in which participants balance a Savanna Cider while dancing at the same time, and holding onto their phones.



Savanna tells consumers to "rest" from viral trends.



Savanna tells consumers to "rest" from viral trends.


Savanna Cider Is Offering 10 Lucky South Africans A Savatical From Work!

Savanna cider is offering South Africans the chance to rest, Bafwethu, rest in 2021!


Savanna Throws Shade At The 2021 Men’s Conference

The brand wanted consumers to know that a mock-up image featuring a bottle of 'Savanna Vodka' was as fake as the annual Men's Conference.


Cider Company Distances Itself From Namesake Internet Challenge

Alcohol is banned under revised Level 3 lockdown yet many have been looking back on when it was available - especially the locally made Savanna.


Savanna Distances Itself From ‘irresponsible And Damaging’ Viral Trend

"The challenge was initiated by consumers and is in no way supported by the brand."


Savanna Cider Distances Itself From Irresponsible And Damaging Social Media Posts

Savanna Cider has issued a statement distancing itself from what it calls “irresponsible and damaging consumer-generated social media activity”.


‘i Blame Savanna Drinkers’: Cider Gets Covid-19 Bad Apple Rap

When it comes to consequences it's always easier if someone else is to blame - and it looks like Mzansi is blaming the level 3 lockdown on cider drinkers, specifically those taking part in the unoffic