The MTC was fermented for 15 months using apple harvests from 2018.


The company has had its value chain disrupted, it said on Wednesday.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev says it grew its South African market share.


Luxury South African lifestyle wines are seldom worth their exorbitant costs - at least to connoisseurs


Due to long bans on alcohol sales during the pandemic, South Africa wine sales in the local market shrank by a fifth last year – but so-called “bag in box” wines proved more resilient than bottled wine.


The recent alcohol ban has disrupted bottle returns.

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South Africa’s Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has banned an advertisement for Windhoek beer on the basis that it entrenches toxic masculinity in suggesting that “real men drink real beer”.


Distell is venturing into the cannabis market after a particularly rough year for the liquor industry.


South Africa’s national Covid-19 alcohol ban has caused much consternation and division – but as some have been debating the merits of the law, others have been merrily circumventing it, at a significant profit.


KFC's new KFConsole comes with high-end components from Intel, Asus, and Seagate and a "chicken chamber" to keep your food warm.

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