Tanqueray Is Back On Humans Of New York And Her Wild Stories Deserve A Netflix Special

We must protect Tanqueray at all costs!


This Woman Turned Her Love Of Wine Into The Ultimate Dream Job

Repeat after me: Dream. Job.

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Clive Palmer Has Been Asked To Remove A Parody Of Carlton Draught’s “big Ad” From His Facebook

"The war is coming."


Diet Pepsi Is Falling Fast

Even bringing back the classic aspartame-sweetened formula couldn't save Diet Pepsi from a very bad year.


We Know Your Personality Based On Your Drink Preferences

Is the pint glass half-empty or half-full?


24 Of The Worst Things Hipsters Did To Food In 2016

I'll take my coffee in a test tube and my dinner in a shoe, please.


21 Products That’ll Unfuck Your Morning Routine

Take the mourning out of your morning.


Addicted To Diet Coke? You Will Completely Relate To These Tweets

“Just hook it to my veins!”


9 Essential Whiskey Facts To Make You Sound Like An Expert

Is there anything better than whiskey? No. No, there is not.


A Restaurant Put A Fridge Out Front So Hungry People Can Grab Leftovers

Nothing goes to waste.

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