How To Stock An Indian Pantry

If you have a stocked Indian pantry the recipes become relatively easy and straightforward. Consider this your invitation to Indian cooking!


Why Humans Enjoy Spicy Food

We do some research on why spicy food is spicy and, more importantly, why humans are drawn to setting their mouths on fire from time to time.


Our Favourite Foodie Podcasts

If you're a podcast lover like us, dive into this cracker selection of foodie podcasts that have been at the top of our radar.


Guide To South African Avo Varieties

Since its avo season, we thought we?d help you out with a guide of all the different types of avo varieties available to us in South Africa.


Round Up Of Our Ultimate Avocado Recipes

We round up our favourite avocado recipes that show the versatility of the delicious, savoury green-skinned fruit that is loved around the world.


Everything You Need To Know About Collagen

We find out everything there is to know about collagen so that you have all the information you need when introducing it to your diet.


The Mastery Of The Pb&j Sandwich

The PB&J sarmie three ingredients, nothing fancy, yet beloved the world over. We explore this culinary masterpiece.


The Boom Of Dark Kitchens

Crush takes a deep dive into the world of dark kitchens and how they?ve become a major contributor to a growing, billion dollar food delivery industry.


Round Up Of Our Favourite Comfort Food Recipes

We?re knee-deep in winter and perpetually cold & pale with the lack of sunshine, but fear not, we have these comfort food recipes to keep us going!


Crush Chats To Molten Toffee’s Robbi Gorelick

Crush chats to owner, Robbi Gorelick, about his philosophy is when it comes to blending his signature Molten Toffee roast.

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