Take A Trip Around The World With These Lockdown Recipes

Who says lockdown has to be boring? Why not take a trip around the world by cooking from this list of recipes we've compiled from all across the globe


Lockdown Might Just Be The Right Time For Foodies

If you?re a self-proclaimed foodie then lockdown might be the perfect time for you to catch up on your favourite food shows on Netflix


Get To Know Arbikie Premium Spirits

Arbikie Estate is a family-owned working farm, every ingredient that goes into their spirits is grown on-site, making them a global commodity.


Good News: There Is Hope For The Wine Industry During Lockdown

The wine industry will be able to continue to harvest during lockdown. The Minister of Agriculture announced that the agri sector is essential.


Freeze Your Food Properly

Tinned goods have been flying off the shelves, what people are forgetting is that apart from meats & soups, fresh fruit & veggies can also be frozen.


Our Favourite Homemade Bread Recipes

Over the past decade, bread, wheat and gluten have gotten some seriously bad PR. Here at Crush, we're all about second chances, so here's a roundup of our favourite bread recipes... Blueberry & Ap

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Cape Town Restaurants Will Go On Lockdown

As the number of Covid-19 cases increases, we face a mandatory lockdown which means all business must close down by Thursday except for the essentials



So much sweetness, it has to be naughty... and yet so nice. We take a look at different kinds of nougat, plus show you how to make your own at home.


Foods That Fuel A Healthy Body And A Strong Immune System

We show you a selection of foods that fuel a healthy body and a strong immune system. We've also included inspiring recipes to try.


Strict New Measures Force Restaurants & Bars To Close Early

Strict new regulations are being put into place to help minimise the spread of the virus. The latest impact is in the restaurant and bar scene

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