For many people, cheese is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It comes in an array of styles and potencies and often functions as the ultimate compliment to wine, beer, and even cocktails.


The beer and cocktail worlds tend to orbit in separate universes, rarely meeting outside of a summer-day Shandy or hangover-inspired Michelada. But beer syrups, flavorful syrups made from beer and sugar as in simple syrup, are making a case for those worlds colliding. 


100 bottles of Irish whiskey and 2,000 Irish Coffees?


Why does your homemade Daiquiri not taste as good as the one you ordered last night? The answer may be an important but too-often-misunderstood mixological ingredient: the sweetener.


n the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, with its bar and restaurant closures and stay-at-home orders, people continue to drink—but in vastly different ways than they did before. Despite an overall increase in liquor sales in the month following most regions’ shutdowns, many smaller distilleries across the U.S. are hanging on by a bare thread. 


A first date is all about first impressions, so it’s common to overthink everything from what you wear to what you order.


Are you saucy and spontaneous or a hopeless romantic?


With 2018 just barely in the rearview mirror, turns its sights to the calendar year ahead. What might 2019 hold for cocktail culture? Let’s peer at the tea leaves to see what’s coming our way, from corporate-branded cocktails to the new spirits we’ll soon be pouring, mixing and sipping.


Japanese whisky finds itself in a somewhat precarious position, its exponential growth leaving it handicapped by supply shortages.


Ah, the White Russian.

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