'This dish highlights the secret of that complex umami flavor used in many of Shanghai's signature dishes: scallion oil,' says Betty Liu


'This is the easiest version of yeasted dough I have ever encountered, and the result is as tender as a cake donut,' says Camilla Wynne


'You don't have a lingo test in order to enjoy a beer'


In writing The Double Happiness Cookbook, Toronto chef Trevor Lui gained a new appreciation for his Chinese heritage

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'We always have to have noodles,' says Trevor Lui of celebrating Lunar New Year


'Serving a steamed whole fish at important family gatherings is an age-old Chinese food tradition,' says Trevor Lui

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'My fondness for eggs coupled with pride for my heritage inspired this special tapas-style dish, with its uniquely modern twist,' says Trevor Lui


Ferrero is shrinking the size of Nutella jars in the U.K. and Belgium and selling them at the same price


Raisins add sweetness to this flatbread, ?making it quite a good breakfast dish, and interesting,? says Caroline Eden


'I find the idea of making dumplings by hand a little terrifying but if I can do these, so can you,' says Caroline Eden

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