If you want to try your hand at making your own wine, most homebrew shops will sell you the supplies to get things started. Or, if you’re David Murphy, you could just pull out your Instant Pot to the make the magic happen.


Of all the major liquor families to populate the well of your average bar, none is so fundamentally misunderstood on almost every level by the American consumer as rum. And really, it’s not their fault—rum, as a topic, seems to possess an almost mystical power to compel mythology and misinformation.


The margarita used to be a simple, fresh cocktail that had class. Then we started messing with it.


Looking for a unique way to decorate your tree this year? How about covering it with whiskey?


It had to happen. Will and Grace is coming back. If there were ever a TV event in need of a cocktail menu, folks, this would be it. Will and Grace was a quantum leap in network TV’s portrayal of gay principal characters (yeah, I know) and it scored over 80 Emmy nominations in its initial eight-season run.


Mmm. Smoky Scotch. Perfect on a cold, rainy day, or any day for that matter, weather be damned—let’s not limit ourselves. But where does that smoky flavor come from?


It’s a question that comes up pretty much anytime a friend throws a party, a wedding, or an event –  “How many kegs do I need?” and “How many beers are in a keg?”


If you’re cracking open a classically bitter ale tonight, science suggests that you should couple it with the sultry sounds of Barry White if you really want to bring out the bitterness.


We live in a civil society and civil societies have rules, even within the “Wild West” culture of beer festivals where all of that free-flowing beer can lead to poor decision making on a massive scale.


Every now and then, a jam-band virtuoso from UVA discovers that “jammy” has more than one meaning and awakens to discover he has become a winemaker.

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