When It Comes To Coffee, Not Everyone Poops

Not everyone gets to experience the joy of a coffee poop.


Coffee On The Front Lines: How You Can Help Hospital Workers

Hospital workers are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. While even those of us with no connection (yet) to the virus have been nonetheless affected—financially, mentally, emotionally—the physical threat to hospital workers is tangible. As we are all social distancing and Zooming for a semblance of normalcy, they are running towards imminent danger on a daily basis.


Teach Your Kids About Coffee With A Slideshow From Stumptown Coffee

And there's a pop quiz!


Support Local Coffee Shops And Staff By Filling Their Virtual Tip Jars

Donate directly to your favorite coffee shop via their virtual tip jar.


Nationwide Relief Efforts For Service Industry Workers Affected By Covid-19

Relief efforts for service industry workers are taking place nationwide.


Coffee May Help Mitigate The Negative Effects Of A High-fat, High-sugar Diet

Go ahead and grab another handful of peanut butter pretzels. Coffee has your back.


We’re Shooting Coffee Plant Cultures Into Space, For Science Or Whatever

[Takes huge bong rip] What if, like, we grew coffee… in space?


Coffee Won’t Make You More Creative, But It Will Help You Problem Solve

A new study shows that while caffeine has an effect on convergent thinking, it does not contribute to divergent thinking.


Kickstart Your Afternoon With Coffee Fruit Bars Made From Coffee Cherries

Each Coffee Fruit Bar from I Am Grounded contains the equivalent of 70g of coffee cherry.


London Coffee Festival Postponed Due To Covid-19 Concerns

The event has been moved to late July.

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