Creation takes Flight – Again!

One thing can be said about the Creation team without fear of contradiction: their sense of culinary adventure (coupled with their wanderlust) knows no bounds! To stay on top of the wine and food pairing game, Carolyn Martin and Daniela Messina recently jetted off again, this time to explore some of the hottest cuisine spots in the UK and Europe. The trip brought them into contact with an exciting diversity of influences, both cultural and culinary, which says Carolyn, always triggers the imagination and is a wonderful source of inspiration. What follows is her account of the first leg of their trip.

First stop was London where I had the pleasure of presenting at WOSA’s great white blend tasting. The ever innovative WOSA UK team also organised a restaurant safari which took sommeliers, restaurateurs and wine writers in Land Rovers on a tasting spree led and by Richard Siddle. The result was unexpected and fantastic: a listing with Gladwin Brothers who have four fabulous fish restaurants in London.

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