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Vodka Producer Make The Drink From Captured Carbon Dioxide

Brooklyn based Air Co was a finalist for the Carbon XPrize, designed to create a profitable way to capture and reuse greenhouse gases.


Vodka From Thin Air: An Unusual Climate Prize Hits A Coronavirus Snag

Inventors were about to test their ideas for making money by selling things made out of carbon dioxide, the main culprit in global warming. Then the pandemic struck.


Five Men Arrested For Transporting Alcohol

With the lockdown in full effect, police are cracking down on those breaking the new laws. Yesterday [March 28], five men were arrested in Langa for transporting alcohol.


Smirnoff Vodka Maker To Donate 8 Million Bottles Of Hand Sanitiser

A vodka maker has pledged to donate enough alcohol to produce 8 million bottles of hand sanitiser to help front line medical staff.


Fake Liquor Drowns Legitimate Businesses – Nehanda Radio

Daily, Zimbabweans are imbibing gallons of alcohol in the form of spirits bought from illegal dealers and most, if not all, do not know whether these are the real deal or fake.


No, You Can’t Use Vodka As A Sanitizer

DALLAS ? Vodka is a sought-after remedy for many things, but the coronavirus panic-driven lack of hand sanitizer is forcing one Texas vodka brand to clarify its limitations.


Wetherspoons Is Removing Three Much-loved Cocktails From Its Drinks Menu

Goodbye Long Island Ice Tea, hello Kopparberg Strawberry Delight


Stop Using Our Vodka To Make Hand Sanitizer, Major Brand Begs Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Is vodka even strong enough to kill the virus?


Vodka Market Size, Demand, Cost Structures, Latest Trends, And Forecasts To 2025

Global Vodka Market valued approximately USD XX billion in 2017 is anticipated to grow with a health


Wanted: Halton Police Say Man Steals $2,000 Worth Of Booze From 3 Burlington Lcbo Stores In Less Than 1 Hour

BURLINGTON- Halton police are looking for one suspect following the theft of nearly $2,000 worth of booze from three Burlington LCBOs in less than an hour.