Castle Lite Wins Two Lions At Cannes For `cold Tracker` Campaign

Castle Lite has announced that its `Cold Tracker` device, which tracks and advises on where the coldest beer is available, has won two Lions at Cannes. The awards include a Gold for the use of real-ti


Business Maverick 168: Advertising Industry: The South African Cannes Lions That Roared

South Africa may have bagged just a clutch of awards at this year?s pre-eminent awards show for marketers, but it?s a case of quality, not quantity.


#exclusive: Promise Group Makes Strides At The One Show Awards 2021

Promise Group led the way for South Africa at The One Show Awards of 2021...


Castle Lite Inspires South Africans To Stay In The Game!

Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, Castle Lite has launched a new campaign that seeks to inspire consumers to have the confidence to own every moment and Stay in the Game with Castle Lite.


Beer Association Calls For Tax Relief Ahead Of Budget Speech

The Beer Association of SA says tax relief is the least the government can do to help its members, whose businesses have been devastated by the three bans on alcohol trading.


Castle Lite Celebrates Its Award-winning Campaign In Tanzania

Castle Lite has celebrated the success of its award-winning `Cold Tracker` campaign that was launched in Tanzania. The campaign`s aim was to solve a business problem being that, on average, three out


You May Get Free Beer If You Complain About 2020 – Or If A Small Sa Town Gets Really Hot

Soaring temperatures in the Northern Cape and Tweeting about the sombre December mood could win you a six-pack of beer.


Black Friday 2020

The discounts aren't show-stopping, but you can find a reasonable saving on some beer, whiskey, and wine.


Castle Lite Launches Its `#unlocksummer` Campaign

Castle Lite has announced the launch of its `#UnlockSummer` campaign. Castle Lite will `refresh Mzansi` every time Hotazel, one of the hottest towns in South Africa, reaches temperatures of 35 degrees


Castle Lite And Bathu Launch Their New Campaign

Castle Lite and Bathu have announced their partnership which has seen the launch of a new campaign. The collaboration aims to help consumers `dial-up their street cred` as they reintegrate into societ