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Rapper Snoop Dogg Launches Red Wine With 19 Crimes

American rapper Snoop Dogg joined forces with 19 Crimes, the first winery that uses augmented reality to bring their labels to life.


Why American Eggs Are Different From The Rest Of The World

American eggs are often said to be inferior to those sold in the rest of the world ― their yolks are often paler and they require refrigeration because of the way they’re processed.

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All You Need to Know About Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are one of the most important household appliances you cannot afford to stay without. They increase the value of water by increasing the PH level of water, which is crucial to the human body.


Jim Beam Offers Limited Release Of Its Oldest Bourbon

LEXINGTON, Ky. ? Want to taste history? Jim Beam is bringing back the distillery?s oldest brand nationally and making it the way it was more


World’s Oldest Bottle Of Wine Remains Unopened Since The 4th Century

The oldest bottle of wine is probably much older than you think. Known as the Speyer wine bottle, it dates back to the 4th century!


How The Thick Of It Said Goodbye: ‘it Ended With Fanta And Twixes’

An oral history of how the penultimate episode of The Thick Of It was made and how it led to working on Veep.


Bacardi’s Four-stage Plan To Get Through Lockdown And Beyond

The drinks company has tried to react to changes in consumer behaviour brought on by the coronavirus lockdown


Budweiser Cuts Beer Prices Based On St. Louis Heat Waves

Building on the momentum of the Fourth of July, the Chill Zone Giveaway promotes summer beer drinking even as many people remain close to home.