Australia Satellite Maps All Its Vineyards

Australia?s entire vineyard area has been comprehensively mapped in the country?s first ?National Vineyard Scan? and was found to be 8% bigger than previously thought.


Greek Influence On Early Celtic Wine Drinking Examined

A study of a Celtic site in modern Burgundy has examined the extent to which Greek culture influenced local wine drinking and feasting rituals.


Cornish Brewery Expands Into The Cotswolds

Cornish brewery St Austell is eyeing up further expansion after buying its first pub in the Cotswolds.


Wales? Mup Plans Stalled For A Year

Plans to roll out minimum pricing across Wales this summer have stalled, after Portugal raised an objection to the process under EU rules.


Sotheby?s Wine Hits Highest H1 Total Ever

Sotheby?s wine auctions have reached US$65 million in the first half of 2019, a rise of 23% over the same period in 2018 and the highest spring total since the wine auctions began in 1970.


Asda Launches Trio Of Confectionery-inspired Gins

Asda has rolled out three glittery colour-changing gins inspired by classic old-fashioned sweet flavours, as well as a range of mixers.


New Champagne Proves Ageing Potential Of Hot Vintages

At a London-based launch last night, a Champagne vintage expression was unveiled which proves that fresh, long-lived sparkling wines can hail from heatwave harvests.


See The Wine Trade In Nothing But Lycra

As a group of wine trade cyclists gear up for this year?s fund-raising challenge for The Benevolent, we look back at the Lycra-clad participants from charity rides of the past.


See The Questions And Wines From This Year?s Master Of Wine Exam

Want to see what this year?s students had to contend with in the Master of Wine examination? Look no further, as we bring you the questions and wines from 2019's ordeal.


?violent Tornado Of Hail? Damages Vineyards Across France And Switzerland

A storm, which hit France over the weekend with hailstones the size of tennis balls, is estimated to have caused tens of millions of euros worth of damage, particularly affecting vineyards in Crozes-H

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