Here’s How You Can Have A Drink With George Clooney

Some of the ice-cold drinks at a Chicago cocktail bar just got hotter...and that's a good thing.


Inside The Year All The Royals Tried To Outdo Each Other

With two sets of vows, Prince Louis' arrival and the announcement Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were with child, The Firm was making headlines all throughout 2018.

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Chad Johnson & Karina Smirnoff’s Pda Is Spoiled By…condoms!

And her reaction is priceless


Watch Tiffany & Karina Get Into An Explosive Fight: ”f–king Bitch!”

Watch a preview from Sunday's tense new episode

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This Celeb-Loved Serum Is Pretty Much Wine for Your Face

Don’t judge me—but I am not a fan of eco-friendly beauty.


Cristiano Ronaldo went out for tea and this happened…

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to have some tea, but then fans asking for pictures swarm you? Unfortunately, we can’t relate. But Cristiano Ronaldo can—he knows about this all too well.

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Study finds over a third of Vegetarians eat meat when drunk!

We can’t help but snicker when we remember all the judgey-wudgey veg-heads who’ve scolded us for our meaty ways over the years. This study goes out to you, friends.


We Taste Tested 15 Celebrity Wines. Here Are Our Completely Honest Reviews

Happy Wine Day, everyone! It’s the most important holiday of the year!


This Anti-Drunk Driving Commercial Involving a Puppy Is Now the Most Effective PSA Ever

Sweet hell, Budweiser. First you ruin us emotionally forever with your heartbreaking Super Bowl commercial featuring a puppy and his horsey best friend and now this?! Well, at least this time the ad is for a good cause, so we can get behind it.


Giuliana Rancic`s New Signature Brand of Wine Is Bottled in Shatter-Proof Cups

Giuliana Rancic’s dream come true is also, we have to say, pretty ingenious. It at least qualifies as a majorly welcome life hack.

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