Belleville Brewing Co.

  Taylor / Thomas designed the packaging for Belleville Brewing Co. which hired American lettering artist Simon Walker to craft the Belleville logo. "Belleville Brewing Co. started life


The Stellenbosch Brewing Company: Stellies Beer

Here’s a beer that definitely takes its inspiration from its location. Stellies is, fittingly, brewed by the Stellenbosch Brewing Company (SBC), on Joostenberg Farm. The character of the famous


Packaging Spotlight: Triple Seven Vodka

One of the leaders in the Belarusian spirits market, Zavod Bulbash, offered ARMBRAND studio to develop design for high-premium Triple Seven Vodka, using black, grey, and blue colors.



Branding agency Viewpoint commissioned the Kazan company "Pulp Invest" developed a new Russian Trademarks hygiene products tissue category with "European roots." The agency was tasked to develop

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Packaging Spotlight: Elegante Wines

Designed by Gonzalo Jaen, this wine bottle concept is cool, elegant and contemporary.


Packaging spotlight: 50 Reasons and 30 Wishes Wine

A wine that keeps you engaged and social!


Mouth Spray Wine

This advertising agency really likes to take it’s drinking to the next level.


Packaging Spotlight: Blasted Church Vineyards

“In 2002, the new owners of Prpich Hills Winery had a problem. 


Packaging Spotlight: Protea Wines

In a world of cookie-cutter products, Protea is on a mission to make wines that dare to be exotic and beautiful, in every way imaginable.


Packaging Spotlight: Redheads Studio Wines

A collection of wine bottles I would buy just for the art.

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