In the nineties, only around 15% of whiskey drinkers were female. That number has changed as more women are discovering a taste for a drink that has traditionally often been seen as the preserve of males. Now, the ratio for female/male whiskey drinkers is closer to 40/60. And the demand for whiskey is growing.


Casinos are associated with chic halls, expensive outfits, and relaxing music. An expensively and stylishly dressed couple immediately appears to the imagination, where a man sits down at a gambling table, and a woman, drinking a fashionable cocktail, awaits the outcome of the game and supports her companion. We present to your attention the top 7 cocktails in demand among visitors to casinos.


For many people, cheese is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It comes in an array of styles and potencies and often functions as the ultimate compliment to wine, beer, and even cocktails.


These Muscadel cocktails, made with Rietvallei Muscadel, can be enjoyed poolside during summer or in front of the fireplace during the colder months.


If you love casinos and delicious cocktails, you should be planning a trip in or around the states in the Great Lakes region.


Using only three ingredients, the Royal Jack Cocktail is easy to build and remains true to its Applejack brandy base.


As the days grow longer and the temperature rises, we all crave refreshing drinks that can help us cool down. While most people think of heading to the grocery store when they want a drink, you can make some delicious beverages right in your backyard with garden staples, according to gardening expert Vikki Gerrard La Crosse. This blog post will discuss seven drinks you can make with garden produce all summer long.


Like any ice lolly, the most important part of nailing a perfectly refreshing and delicious booze-infused ice popsicle is the ingredients. Ice lollies are just a couple of liquids mixed together, so if the flavour profile isn’t right, there’s nothing left for the treat to hide behind. However, consistency is also a huge part of a successful freeze. Nobody wants a runny ice lolly that melts before they can finish it, right?


Sangria on a hot sunny day is incredibly refreshing. Whether you serve up carafes with this goodness at your next party or add a recipe tag and resent it as a gift, there are many ways to celebrate this refreshing summer beverage.


Hot Buttered Rum is a cocktail made for winter. Just like many of the other winter warming drinks laced with liquor, the hot buttered rum recipe can be adapted to your liking. If you have a favourite flavour, such as vanilla, go ahead and add it in. If you have an old bottle of homemade holiday liqueur gathering dust, add a splash to the mix. Heck, why not throw some cannabis into the winter cocktail pot?!