So, the big day is drawing near. You’ve been handed the reigns to plan the ultimate dorm party, and the pressure’s on to deliver an unforgettable night. 


Casino spa and wellness facilities are the latest trend in the industry. The idea is to create a luxurious space for guests to relax, get away from the noise of slot machines and enjoy a spa experience. And indeed, many gambling brands use all sorts of strategies to keep their businesses flourishing. Sure, there are many other ways to increase revenue, like providing Australian players with easier access by offering great mobile casinos together with mobile gambling tips for users. And yes, mobile casinos for Australian players are convenient, and most gamblers prefer them. However, the recent emergence of spa and wellness facilities in casinos is a trend that is gaining even bigger attention. Casinos have been doing this for years with spas located inside hotels, but these days operators are building standalone spas that rival any luxury hotel in town.


The gambling industry has experienced significant growth over the past few years and that’s in part thanks to online gaming. However, the iGaming sector does have a negative impact on the industry as well. The big and luxurious casinos will always offer unique experiences to high-end clients. In other words, these businesses aren’t really losing customers to online gambling sites. They don’t try to offer cost-efficient gaming like operators at that have multiple bonuses. Moreover, players can still win massive jackpots on these sites just like in a regular casino. So, it doesn’t really make sense for casual gamers to go to these luxurious resorts.


Seafood doesn’t just taste good. It also contains essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the brain, heart, and immune system. Finding a decent seafood restaurant in Marseille may be relatively easy; the hard part is in finding the right fish and liquor pairing. This article serves as a quick guide on how to choose drinks to accompany seafood.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Chateau Miraval is making headlines again. This after Jolie decided to sell her 50% stake in the French Winery to Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler without Pitt’s consent.


If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), the next steps depend on a few factors: the number of times you have committed the crime, the severity of the case, and whether you agreed or disagreed to take a breathalyzer test during the arrest. Each outcome will most likely result in fees, license suspension, or jail time. 


When the weather warms up, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink. Especially icy. Cold iced coffee, fruit smoothies, or drinks are much more relaxing than a constant fan. The ice needed to prepare our favorite drink can be obtained in several ways. The first option is to buy ready-made ice cubes in the store. In the long run, this is the least profitable and creates many problems. Not all stores in the area have ice and are open 7 days a week. Buying large quantities of ice for sale means sacrificing ice cube storage space for other products. Another option is to make ice yourself, in special bags or perforated silicone containers. It is needed, for example, to serve a refreshing mojito. There is only one more available option to obtain a large amount of ice, this is to contact an ice machine company to purchase an ice machine that guarantees constant access to ice, and fast and trouble-free ice production in all conditions.


Marijuana (also known as marijuana, pot, or cannabis) is a narcotic derived from the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the cannabis plant. During pregnancy, marijuana is the most widely utilised street drug. Marijuana contains over 500 compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC). This substance can alter how your brain functions, making it difficult to think rationally. THC and other compounds in marijuana have the potential to alter your senses of sight, sound, and touch. Marijuana use during pregnancy may cause issues for your baby both before and after birth.


This traditional African brown bean soup will wrap you up like a warm Basotho blanket on a cold winter’s day. Legume-based soups are a dietary staple in Africa and this soup is nutritious, filling and easy to make. It’s the ideal mid-week meal for the whole family. You can use pinto beans if you can’t find brown beans to make this traditional soup, enjoyed by many all over Africa.


Many of us Brits love a cup of tea, and the production of the nation’s favourite drink is so important that the United Nations has designated May 21 as International Tea Day.