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The History of Champagne Sabering

The technique has seen a recent rise in interest from the young sommelier set, but its history dates back to Napoleonic times (though it’s unclear who first realized it’s an awfully good time to send your bubbles flying across the room).


Victoria Beckham Drinks Red Wine To Stay Healthy

Ex-Spice Girl singer Victoria Beckham told This Morning that she loves to drink red wine and believes it is one of the things that keeps her healthy.


5 Rules of Sushi Etiquette

Whether or not you’ve ever been to Japan, there’s no doubt that you’re aware that they do things quite a bit differently over there.


Nation’s Best On Show At 2019 National Cool Climate White Show

"Chardonnay has been a huge class and the pinot noirs have been popular too."


Absolut And Paper Bottle Co To Drive Sustainability

Pernod Ricard-owned Absolut Vodka has partnered with The Paper Bottle Company to create a fully bio-based and recyclable paper bottle


Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Taps Dallas Artist Kyle Steed To Design 3d Printed Sneaker

The very special shoes are launching in Dallas this weekend at a party with the world?s first 3D printed cocktails.


Quality Substitutes For Burgundy, Champagne That Won’t Break The Budget

Don't want to pay $1000 a bottle? How about under $25 for something almost as good?