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Guinea Fowl Coq Au Vin

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Syrah goes well with the smokiness of a barbeque, the sweetness of marinades, the flavour and spice of mild curries, the fattiness of lamb and the earthiness of game and mushrooms.


5 Standout Refugee Initiatives That Harness The Cultural Power Of Food

Food brings people together, creates conversations and crosses cultural boundaries and here's how you can get involved.


The Syrian Family Bringing Their Baklava Traditions To Lygon Street

These Syrian refugees arrived in Australia with no money and no English. Fast forward five years and their new baklava business is about to expand.


The Barossa Cellar Prepares To Welcome The Wine World

The finishing touches are being put on a world-class cellar project that aims to showcase the Barossa Valley wine region to the global wine industry.


High Iron Levels Isn?t All Good News, Study Finds

It's acknowledged high iron levels counteract anaemia but new research has revealed super-high iron levels can cause health problems of their own.


Oldest City Vineyard Defies Urban Squeeze

A city-based winery in South Australia has renewed its agreement to produce wine from the world?s oldest commercial urban vineyard. Planted in 1907, the 1-hectare Marion Vineyard is surrounded by hous


Holiday Inn’s Aussie Wine Night

The Holiday Inn excelled itself with its latest wine tasting evening. (Aussie F&B) Dan Boswell brought in almost everything from the 70’s jingle “We love football, meat pies, kangaroos and Hol