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Halloween: Black Widow Wine Glasses

The perfect creepy Halloween glasses.Use these hand painted wine glasses at your big Halloween party. Black widow spiders patiently wait for their next victim while resting in their webs. They look fantastic with red or white wine or even water in them and are guaranteed to be a favourite addition to your party. Who says Halloween decorations have to be tacky? Drink your toxin in elegant style with these works of functional art.


Make you drinks glow this Halloween

Wanna make your drinks glow this Halloween?


Make your own fiery hot peanuts

Spicy up the afternoon’s game watching with some fiery peanuts.


Under the Influence @ WineX

The WineX performance of sipping situationalists Under the Influence, nine mustachioed manne from Maitland, resembled a scene straight out of Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. Allister Kreft was


Beetroot and Strawberry Salad

Poverty class on SAA this morning from Johannesburg to Cape Town was full of winemakers returning from a WOSA tasting at Vinopolis in London (rather than WineX, as would have been the case in previous


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