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Wine of the Day #11: Julien Schaal Five Stones Chardonnay 2009

Cost: R120; From: Paul Cluver farm, Elgin 33 (0)953 09 3775; Why: The author of this subtle Chardonnay made from a mixture of Elgin and Hemel & Aarde grapes (the Kaaimansgat vineyard of previous vinta


Book Review: 2009 Biography of a Vintage

Joelle Thomson is editor of New Zealand magazine Drinksbiz and the December edition of her organ includes a review of my latest book 2009 Biography of a Vintage. [caption id="attachment_6769" align="

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More adventures in the On/Off Trade

Spectator columnist Jeremy Clarke is my favourite magaziniste, starting from a high base. Here’s part of his dining experience from earlier this month: “Everything was wrong. The table was wrong


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