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Champagne flows freely at ANC business forum gala dinner

Moët champagne was once again the drink of choice at the ANC’s progressive business forum gala dinner on Saturday night. According to reports buckets of Moët champagne lined the bar at the entrance of the hall.


Over-indulging can take hours off your life this Christmas

It may be the season to eat, drink and be merry, but each day of over-indulging can take several hours off your life, according to a Christmas article published on bmj.com today,


Bulk Battles

WOSA CEO Su Birch waded into the bulk wine export battle yesterday with a tweet @subirch: "But I do understand that Safrica has to be competitive, and if we are not, then jobs on farms are at stake, s


Bulk Exports: Wieta board splits

Last month’s grape riots threatened to split Wieta, the ethical trading initiative, worse than a Swartland grape with powdery mildew (below). And things just got worse. Yesterday Wieta board member


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