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Why Does Alcohol Cause the Spins?

You lie down to get some sleep after a long night of drinking, and the room seems to be spinning uncontrollably. What gives?


This Cocktail Tastes Like A Freshly-Shaven Man

New York City’s Museum of Sex recently opened its own bar called Play, which serves artistic drinks and small plates that are, of course, designed based on the same theme as the museum.


5 Fun Facts About Cider

Forget the juice; we’re talking about the hard stuff. Here are 5 facts everyone should know about good old-fashioned apple cider.


Many reasons for more alcohol

Let’s not beat about the bush. There are two reasons for drinking alcohol: pleasure and effect, with one too often leading to a bit much of the other.


Fleur du Cap kicks off new Wine Novice Tasting Club at Die Bergkelder

Thursday, 31 October, 17h30 for 18h00


Get festive at Backsberg

Spoil your loved ones with a fantastic Christmas Day lunch at Backsberg.


This is how, say Veritas champs

Six well-known wine and brandy giants earned the respect of wine connoisseurs both locally and internationally when numerous double gold and gold Veritas medals were bestowed upon them during the 2013 Veritas Awards ceremony on 5 October.


Summer Fun at Hartenberg

Visitors to Hartenberg Estate in Stellenbosch will get to experience the warmth and hospitality, seven days as week, from November until Easter, making the most of the laid back summer days and exploring all the farm has to offer.


100 women to taste 100 wines – top tipplers of vino invited

IT IS funny how the topic of wine always stirs up issues of gender, romantic liaisons, the melancholy of forced solitude as well as tumult between the sexes.


Hambe Kahle, Mrs. O

In the distant days when I recommended wine in the Sunday Times Lifestyle, Bridget Oppenheimer would take my advice seriously and send her butler to Carrie Adams at Norman Goodfellow's on Oxford Road


FNB Whisky Live Festival 2013 Preview Q&A with Highland Park’s Gerry Tosh

Highland Park produce some really great whiskies. In fact, I consider the Highland Park 18 year old as a benchmark whisky against which I measure others. Gerry Tosh, Global Marketing Manager for Highl


Global Warming Strikes the Orange

Chile declares a state of agricultural emergency after frost ravaged the vineyards at the end of September. Was this the same cold snap that sent temperatures on the Orange plummeting to -5? Truly, Gl


Wine Show Meltdown

*** STOP PRESS 31/10/13 *** The outstanding bill has been paid and Gugs is back on track.  In fact the infrastructure organizers who originally sought liquidation have "come to the party" and will


Siobhan @ South China

Was it a tantalizing glimpse of the future that the incoming WOSA CEO Siobhan Thompson and I had lunch at South China Dim Sum Bar today? Here she sits in front of a Bruce Lee "the big boss" poster whi


Veritas 2013: Brandy Bloopers?

Let’s be clear about something up front. I have yet to find a South African Potstill brandy that I really do not like. That said, there can be no doubt that some are superior to others, and gene