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The Best Sexual Drinking Games

Some of the best sexual drinking games can be done either in an intimate setting with only you and your girlfriend or you can make it a party and have multiple people.


The 16th Annual Taj Classic Wine Trophy Show

The splendid Taj Hotel Cape Town, in association with La Revue du VIN de France, Tonnellerie Claude Gillet,


Fairview Wine Pre-Harvest Report: Preparing for the 2014 Harvest

As harvest 2014 draws closer, we meet with an excited Donald Mouton – Fairview Vineyard Manager – to hear his thoughts and predictions on this year’s harvest.


Can white wine fix a red wine stain?

When red wine gets spilled, everyone immediately shouts for copious quantities of white wine to “neutralise” the stain – but does it work?


Lanzerac unveils a revamped Tasting Room and Deli

Big changes are afoot at Lanzerac, home to the world’s first commercial pinotage.


Harvest 2014 at Backsberg

Harvest 2014 has kicked off at Backsberg and yesterday we picked our first Chardonnay that will be used for the MCC Sparkling Brut.

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Whale harpooned, again, for racism

While the world watches aghast as Japanese fishermen hammer metal spikes into the spines of bottle nose dolphins in Taiji Cove, Wakayama Prefecture, the killer whale of SA blogging, Chris von Ulmenst


Obituary for Su in Die Burger

A professional obituary of sorts for retired WOSA CEO Su Birch (63) appeared in Die Burger yesterday. Under the damning headline SA overseas wine image a weak point Nellie Brand-Jonker quotes Steph


Lanzerac – a Stellenbosch landmark

  A much-loved landmark that holds happy memories for many former students and visitors, the Lanzerac hotel and wine estate in Stellenbosch was interwoven with my childhood. My dad, Dr Gregor Mc


Can’t find that special recipe element or product? Come to Main Ingredient’s Online Shop! Today’s feature: extracts

Finding that Main IngredientSouth African supermarkets seldom stock unusual or exotic ingredients, especially if you live outside a major centre like Cape Town or Johannesburg. If


Pure Gould: Whyte & Mackay

Patience Gould charts the ups and downs of Whyte & Mackay as the distiller once more goes on the market