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< Thursday 14 January 2016 >

French toast, strawberries and Nutella all rolled up into one

So, who is the genius who decided to randomly put Nutella and strawberries together? Whoever he or she is definitely deserves some type of award.


Jennifer Lawrence says she smells like a cabernet

Here are two more reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence: She’s a red wine aficionado and she knows a good food combo.

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Watch: The Bartender Hates You

Be nice or suffer the consequences.


Making wine in the aftermath of Apartheid

South Africa is one of the most exciting wine regions in the world right now because it has so much untapped potential.


Health Benefits of Red Wine vs. Grape Juice

We keep hearing about the benefits of drinking red wine, so why not drink grape juice instead? It has the same benefits, plus no alcohol, right?


Simple steps to ordering the right wine when dining out

One of the most common questions I am asked is what wine to choose when dining out with friends.


Raise A Glass At The G&t Festival

Enjoy the best of global and local spirits at your ease, writes Bianca Coleman.