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< Wednesday 20 January 2016 >

The health benefits of Ceres fruit juice

South Africa’s perfect climatic conditions, together with the uniqueness of the valley, result in nature’s perfect juice. As nature intended, our 100% fruit juice is full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Ceres – Good for you, good for your health.


Watch: Top 3 Tips for Mixing Cocktails

Tom Macy of the Clover Club in Brooklyn USA shows us his top 3 tips for mixing cocktails.


Bowie-mania hits the wine world as an almost-forgotten label makes a comeback

The death of David Bowie this month has predictably sparked mass buying of the musical chameleon’s back catalog, but it has also done wonders for an almost-forgotten wine he had a hand in creating.


Cîroc releases Zoolander vodka

Diageo premium vodka Cîroc has sought inspiration from the catwalk with a limited edition ‘Derek Zoolander Blue Steel’ bottle designed in collaboration with fashion photographer Mario Testino.


Health-conscious young consumers driving growth of non-alcoholic beer

Alcohol-free beer is gaining in popularity in the UK, according to new research from AB InBev UK.


Graham Beck Wine Might Be the Most Eco-Friendly Wine in the World

Many winemakers will say wine is made in the vineyard, not the winery – that the transformative chemistry of fermentation, while it certainly has its techniques and variables, is nothing compared to the vine’s relationship to the dirt it grows in and the hands that tend it.


Iran bans use of the word wine and names of foreign animals in books

Iran’s culture ministry has decided to censor the use of the word “wine” and the names of “foreign animals” and dignitaries from any books published in the Islamic Republic.


Harvest festivals in the Cape Winelands

During summer in Cape Town, everything comes alive: the mountain glows a brilliant green, the azure skies sing with cheerful birds, the seas dance with surfers and swimmers and even the nightclubs blossom with a multitude of foreign booze-seekers.