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All you need to know about the Coffee Belt

The Coffee Belt contains all of the regions that have the conditions needed for coffee growing.


Drinking Coffee and Tea May Help Humans Live Up To 175 Years, Study Reveals

According to a recent study by Chinese researchers, a natural compound found in both drinks was able to prolong the age of worms for up to the human equivalent of 175 years, South China Morning Post reported.

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The History of Pimm’s

Pimm’s is almost as British as a cup of tea.


Coffee’s magical powers were first realized through the majesty of crazy goats

ccording to legend, Ethiopian shepherds first realized the profound caffeinating effects of coffee when they noticed their goats started “dancing” after eating coffee berries.

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Dombeya Fenix 2011 shines at the Top 10 Bordeaux Blends Awards

The new release Dombeya Fenix 2011 has once again outperformed its price point and expectation by being judged in the Top 10 in South Africa for the second straight year at the Wine Magazine/Riscura Bordeaux Blend Awards.


How to Shop Online at De Grendel

With winter knocking on the door it’s always a hassle to go to the shops to buy wine.


Why Don’t We Swirl Cocktails?

Swirling looks so classy when we do it with our wine, assuming we don’t spill. Again. So why aren’t we swirling our cocktails?


First Conference on The Business of Wine and Food Tourism for South Africa

The inaugural “The Business of Wine and Food Tourism” Conference will be held in the heart of the Cape winelands, South Africa, in November of this year.

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All aboard! Ride a Steam Train to the Winelands

A steam train journey to the winelands is a wonderfully romantic (and novel) way to experience Spier Wine Farm and the Stellenbosch region.


Rita's Red

My tiny organ came over all ethical this morning. Bottle of the Week: Bosman Adama 2015 How much and where? R145; bosmanwines.com/buy-online Why? "My dream is to be Minister of Agriculture," says


Oldenburg Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 ? 2014

?The issue when it comes to Cabernet Sauvignon,? says Philip Constandius, winemaker at Oldenburg Vineyards in Stellenbosch, ?is to manage the pyrazines.