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Beef Brisket Breakfast Biscuits

This dish takes some forward thinking. You’ll need to set yourself up for success by cooking the beef overnight. Well worth the effort for your future self, and your future self… you’re making a lot of beef. 


What Your Coffee Preferences Say About Your Personality

You’ve probably never thought twice about the kind of coffee you order every morning on your way to work. Some of us have been drinking the same thing for years, and it’s just a matter of liking what you like — right?

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UK`s first sake brewery to open in East Cambridgeshire

A ground breaking ceremony like no other has been held at the construction site of the UK’s first sake brewery in East Cambridgeshire.


Franschhoek Cellar Wines now available online as DGB launches Fine Wine South Africa

Fans of Franschhoek Cellar Wines will be happy to learn that the popular wine range can now be purchased online. Fine Wine South Africa is an online wine portal for DGB (Pty) Ltd,


Benguela Cove Semillon Sauvignon Blanc awarded a 4.5 Star in Platter’s Wine Guide 2017

We are proud to announce that the Benguela Cove Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015 was awarded a coveted 4.5-star rating by the prestigious Diners Club Platter’s Wine Guide 2017.


A glass act

Is 2016 the year the world will remember as the death of the Champagne flute? If international (and local) trends have anything to say about it, they’re saying adieu to the cylindrical party favourite.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Cocktails

When liquor buzz meets ganja buzz.