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Millennials Prefer Travel To Coffee And Sex, Says Travel Agency

Millennials: who are they are what do they want?


This Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwich Is The Only Thing You Need For Summer

A summer picnic or barbeque is nothing without some watermelon, right?


Chef Matt Manning to open The Chef’s Studio on Bree Street in December

Chef Matt Manning’s latest venture, ‘The Chef’s Studio’, is set to open in December 2018; one of the Cape Town foodie scene’s most anticipated openings of the year. 


3 Healthy “Shots” You Should Be Throwing Back This Summer

If you are scouting for hangover free shots then you’ve come to the right place.


UK Visit Reveals How Boplaas Sets The Pace With Local Innovation In Fine Whisky

South African drinks-makers often look offshore for trends that might take hold at home. Visiting the home of Scotch, Boplaas distiller Daniel Nel recently encountered a country-wide wave of whisky innovation underway – some of which Boplaas has led to great acclaim in South Africa.


Bouchard Finlayson Nature Walks and Wine in the valley that is “Heaven on Earth”

Located in the Hemel-en-Aarde valley outside Hermanus, Bouchard Finlayson is known not only for its award-winning wines, but also for its focus on conservation and sustainability as a WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Conservation Champion.


A New Generation Of Wines And A New Head Chef Are Unleashed At Tokara Wine Estate

Tokara Wine Estate has exited this year’s award season with its head held high and perhaps more than just a little glint in its eye. Voted as one of the “50 most admired wine brands” in the worl


Coca-cola Ceo: We’re Making Diet Coke Cool Again And Here’s How We’re Doing It

Coca-Cola has attracted millennial interest in Diet Coke through targeted marketing, "flavor innovation," and a new "sleek can," CEO James Quincey says.


Italy’s Iconic Moka Coffee Pots At Risk Of Extinction

The classic coffee pot may disappear from Italian kitchens as Bialetti, the historic company that invented the moka in the 1930s, warns of impending bankruptcy.


A Bold But Fruity New Rosé

This Rosé packs a fruity punch but for all the right reasons!


Jhp Gourmet Guide Highlights Sa’s 25 Plated Chefs, Restaurants, And Recipes

The 2019 JHP Gourmet Guide, which awards South Africa's plated chefs and restaurants, was recently launched at The Restaurant at The Nek in Constantia Nek, Cape Town...


Malfy Gin Rosa Launches Just In Time For Summer

Lutho Pasiya reviewed the pink gin.


French Michelin-starred Chef To Host Pop-ups At Jozi Hotel


Floating Dutchman Craft Rum Launches In Sa

A new, pirate-inspired rum arrives in time for Summer!


#freshontheshelf: Tokara Brandy, Pinot Noir Bubbly, Frozen Farm Meals, Checkers Simple Truth

In #FreshOnTheShelf, we round up some of our favourite food and beverage products that have hit the shelves recently...


Watch: Minimalist Private Fine Dining At Tjing Tjing Momiji


The Best 4 Night Markets In Durban

At sunset, a world of fine food, crafts and family entertainment emerges


‘women In Pr More Interested In Careers Than Stella Drinkers’

PR professionals have hit out at new 'research' by Stella Artois that says women in PR are the most likely to stand up men on a date.


Joanne Gibson: On The Impact Of The French Huguenots


‘live By The Sword‚ Die By The Sword’: My Friend Pete Mihalik Was An Extreme Realist

I met Pete Mihalik 21 years ago when we were both young. He had just started working as a junior advocate at the Cape Bar? and I had just started working at the high court in Cape Town as a reporter.


Entries Open For Stanford Mtb Classic

On the weekend of the 16th and 17th of February 2019 mountain bikers are invited to gather for a tour with timing – the Stanford MTB Classic. The event On the weekend of the 16th and 17th of Februar


Fans Of San Pellegrino Drinks Object To Lower Sugar Formulation

Manufacturer Nestle announced in March that it had reformulated the sparkling drinks to remove approximately 40 of the sugar.


Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club And Distillery Opens In The City

The Mrs Fogg Maritime Club and Distillery inspired by Aouda, the explorer Phileas Fogg?s Indian wife, in Jules Verne?s adventure novel, Around The World in 80 Days has opened at Broadgate Circle, L?


Find A New Favourite Wine

Fast-track to fabulous with these flavoursome wines. Sam Wylie-Harris presents an insider’s guide.


Domino?s Jubilant Foodworks Ties Up With Pepsico, Drops Coca-cola

With a store count of over thousand stores, Dominos is the single largest quick service restaurant chain in the country operated by JFL


Best Ads In 50 Years: Smirnoff Made Vodka Cool

As part of Campaign's 50th anniversary, we asked the industry to look back on the best ads of the past 50 years. We are revealing one a day for your viewing pleasure...


Joanne Gibson: On The Impact Of The French Huguenots


Newton Johnson Resonance 2017


Fnb Wines2whales Race Village Evacuated

The weather gods frowned on the FNB Wines2Whales for nearly 16 hours and, after an unprecedented race village evacuation last night (Monday), riders today The weather gods frowned on the FNB Wines2Wha


Aperol Spritzes To Get Things Going

Aperol spritzes are all the rage these days. Any European trip will expose cocktail-oriented folks to this relatively new phenomenon. Not really a new idea, but an amalgamation of two very old idea…


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