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These edible shot glasses from DudeFoods is so breakfast-appropriate! Instead of filling them with alcohol, the pancake receptacles can be filled with maple syrup and garnished with half a slice of crispy bacon.


A world first – this handcrafted, juniper led twice infused, distilled gin is made from elephant dung. Borne out of a ‘what if’ moment by ‘Ginnovators’ Dr Les Ansley and Professor Paula Ansley, whilst on a family safari, has resulted in something so unique you can’t help wanting to discover more.


Poison City, a Durban-based brewery, saw a gap in the market back in 2018 and released a cannabis-infused lager shortly after the Constitution Court decriminalised the private personal use of marijuana.


As a self-proclaimed drinks enthusiast, a prophet of the liquid-to-lips movement and a frequenter of the vegetative state of self-pity which follows; I was intrigued to hear that the team at the Inverroche Distillery were trying their hand at liqueur-making. A spirit category which seems to have remained somewhat stuck in a distant memory of those drink-slingers who came before us.

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Winemag.co.za is pleased to present the 10-Year-Old Wine Awards 2019 – featuring wines from the 2009 vintage.


The famed Wacky Wine Weekend takes place from 7 – 9 June 2019. This well–established event has become a wine institution in the social calendars of people across the country. This Winter-festival attracts wine connoisseurs, novices, families and friends alike travelling far and wide to “taste the lifestyle”.

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Flagstone launches its contemporary sweet, Sauvignon Blanc dessert wine, succinctly named ‘Ice.’ Housed in a slim 375ml bottle with an ice-white wax seal and adorned with a frozen Sauvignon Blanc leaf, Flagstone Ice’s packaging is designed for a high-fashion market that appreciates a brand that recognises and embraces global trends in stylish design.


Job seekers are urged to call and check if an offer is legitimate and to be wary of any offer that solicits payment.

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Discover complex gins that don't need to hide in a cocktail. These complex botanical spirits stand on their own, but there's no judgment for adding a little ice.


The brewer of Corona beer is set to begin operating its eighth brewery in Mexico. The Grupo Modelo plant was officially opened Monday in Hidalgo.


New plant opens in Mississauga as Canadian sales grow by nearly 50% last year


Leading through-the-line advertising agency, Decimal Agency strikes again. This time, in the alcohol and beverage industry as they anchor down Time Anchor Distillery's Mirari Gin...


Outdoor Noise/Sound Barrier Panels & Walls Market: Introduction Outdoor Noise/Sound Barrier Panels & Walls offers sound absorption technology specifically for the extremely noisy outdoor en?


A picturesque 60 minute drive from Cape Town is where you’ll find Paul Cluver Wines, tucked away in the heart of the Elgin Wine Valley and home to some of the country’s finest wines.


Frito-Lay is debuting three new potato chip flavors, and one of them is inspired by a beer-based snack. Can you guess what it is?


MultiChoice was the most awarded broadcaster at The South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA), taking home 48 awards - more than half the total - from more than 150 SAFTA nominations...


Coffee lovers around the world are now enjoying their favourite drink from morning cup through to evening cocktail, as the global love for coffee booms, on the 19th of March you may be invited to a ve


The misreporting of news has effects that stretch beyond whisky awards, says Becky Paskin.


Start your tour of Cape Town with dawn yoga at Table Mountain before the tourist crowds are even allowed in. Next stop: wine country.


The new work from the brand takes people on a magical journey.


SEEKONK, Mass. ? Police are searching for a thief with expensive taste in Massachusetts. Chris Gasbarro?s Fine Wine and Spirits in Seekonk says someone stole a $4,000 bottle of the Remy Marti?


South Africa?s leading milk producer, Clover Industries, has received a generous buyout offer from MilCo SA, a consortium that is part-owned by an Israeli firm. The South African wing of the Palestini


In a world of no brakes, extreme downhills and reaching speeds of around 100km, downhill or longboarding is not for the faint hearted. It’s a way of life and skateboarder and longboard shaper, Kent


It was punted as a replacement for Coca-Cola, but it has disappointed on taste and flavour.




The beer will be available in the UK and is a great gift idea for anyone who can't wait for the Game Of Thrones in April



Relax and rejuvenate at this unique spot.


The inaugural Mother City Comedy Festival will be held from 19 to 31 March at the Baxter Studio Theatre in Cape Town...