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That beer in you fridge is good for a lot more than drinking.


On Sunday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) added a page to the Travel Advice and Resources section of its website called “COVID-19 and Cruise Ship Travel.” The agency wrote that the U.S. government recommended that travelers, especially those with any underlying health conditions, should probably unpack their suitcases and “defer” any upcoming cruise ship travel, regardless of the departure port or the destination.


The extravagant cocktails that you see at casinos are always worth trying. You may even find that there are people who bring the drinks you need right to your table as well and this makes it even easier for you to have the time of your life. If you want to know more about the cocktails you can order, then take a look below.


Legend has it that Viognier is an ancient grape originating in Dalamatia (present-day Croatia) and was brought to the Rhone Valley during the Roman occupation. One legend states that the Roman emperor Probus brought the vine to the region in 281 AD; another has the grape packaged with Syrah on a cargo ship navigating the Rhône river, en route to Beaujolais when it was captured, near the site of present-day Condrieu, by a local group of outlaws.


Premium gin brand Bombay Sapphire has released a berry flavoured variant, as flavoured gins continue to drive growth in the category.


News and information for wine industry professionals.


Facebook looks at the power of social media in amplifying celebratory messages, Fanta (Coca-Cola India) invokes the joyous spirit, Fbb asks women to protest against harassment in the name of Holi


One of Scotland?s top whisky producers closed two of its visitor centre yesterday amid coronavirus fears.


No.3 London Dry Gin ? the four-time reigning World?s Best Gin ? unveils a sophisticated new package, accompanied by an integrated new brand platform entitled, The Art of Perfection


No.3 London Dry Gin ? the four-time reigning World?s Best Gin ? unveils a sophisticated new package, accompanied by an integrated new brand platform entitled, The Art of Perfection


It may not be served in a fancy restaurant, but street plates may actually be fresher than their upmarket counterparts, and an expert says the likelihood of it carrying diseases is low.


When it comes to eggs, there are multiple options for the vegan cook or baker. But it is important to know which substitute is best suited to your purpose.


Clover Sonoma, a third-generation family-owned and operated dairy based in Petaluma, Calif., announced its B Corporation recertification and the first fully renewable plant-based milk carton in the Un


Cape Town?s dining scene is a living, breathing entity; an ever-evolving arena where innovation and challenge are as honoured as history and tradition. One of the consequences of this dynamism is that


Trading New York for Croatia[


Savouring flavours, celebrating regional differences - a truly global phenomenon!


Rooftop on Bree: There?s a stylish bar, large balcony, retractable skylight roof, mountain views, plus it?s an ideal location for natural light photography.


St. Patrick?s Day is approaching quickly. What better time than now to enjoy Ireland?s gift to the beverage alcohol world? Evidence suggests ? at least by written record ? that whiskey was first made


Treat yourself to an array of delicious, goodies at the chocolate fair, including chocolate fountains, milkshakes, crepes, waffles and vegan chocolate!



Are you trying to be healthier and cut down your meat intake, or simply want to try a meat-free meal once a week?


It was a battle of the nations at the recent World Gin Awards, with KWV tasting success with a historical win.


General Manager of BON Hotels André de Klerk shares the best foodie experiences you can find along this magnificent stretch of land.


Brad Ball reminds me a bit of Jamie Oliver. He?s got a big face and a big grin. He produces authentic Italian, French bistro and Japanese dishes that work


Heineken to pour $183 million into expansion in Brazil


Heineken NV will invest 865 million reais ($183.14 million) to expand its Ponta ...


HamletHub - Local news by Locals


We?ve sought out the finest Irish whiskeys from Dublin to Bethnal Green.


Instead of going out on St. Patrick?s Day, people can buy these whiskeys to drink at home.


Premium Italian spirits company Illva Saronno, best known for producing Disaronno and Tia Maria, has announced plans to...