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Italy meets Mexico in this hit mid-week treat that combines cheese-topped tortillas and ingredients you wouldn’t usually find inside a quesadilla.


Every day, roughly 60-million Americans drink coffee to give themselves a boost. And that’s not a bad thing. Caffeine is a nootropic substance that blocks the neurotransmitters that make us feel drowsy. This helps us feel awake and alert, boosting physical and mental performance. But what if you could do more for your brain? What if, in addition to waking it up, you could actually make it work better? Well, thanks to an innovative team of scientists and researchers at Neurohacker Collective, there is. It’s a smart drink called Qualia Nootropic Energy. And it is going to change the way you think about energy drinks.

The Neurohacker Collective Approach

Most energy drinks on the market today are very poorly researched. They just combine large doses of caffeine, vitamins, and substances like taurine, which we actually know very little about. Some energy drinks also have a ridiculous amount of sugar.

At Neurohacker Collective, they do things differently. Every single ingredient in every one of its products is extensively researched. They can tell you exactly what it does, why they use the dose they use, and how it interacts with other ingredients.

Qualia Nootropic Energy is the result of years of research into brain function and neurochemical systems. This research allowed Neurohacker Collective to identify specific physiological processes that can be easily and quickly augmented by various nootropic compounds, vitamins, amino acids, fruit extracts, and herbal extracts. Their scientists then developed a precise blend of 12 such ingredients that are clinically proven to improve cognitive function and overall brain health.

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OK, we’ve got it. Or should have. The South African wine industry will never be the same again. Well, whatever is left of it after Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa and his Covid Command Council have finished with us. The authorities will, possibly together with the local liquor bodies, thrash out new regulations. Trading hours, advertising, blood-alcohol levels for drivers and drinking age-restrictions will be revisited, and revamped. Whether the new regulations are implemented, however, remains a different kettle of moonshine all together.


I need to say upfront that I'm a partner in a business that sells alcoholic drinks. Gin mostly, but we do - sorry did - a bit of everything. Of course, I'm aware that there are many other industries a


The South African Breweries (SAB) says it has cancelled R2.5 billion of scheduled investments that were earmarked as part of its annual capital and infrastructure upgrade programme.


A couple of things have become clear about the COVID-19 recssion: A V-shaped recovery was unlikely, and different industries had widely divergent experiences...


Like many of his dance music peers used to spending 200-plus days of the year playing to packed, sweaty crowds, DJ-producer Dillon Francis turned to virtual DJ sets to stay productive. and employed?


The welcome revival of a long-ignored kind of whiskey.

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We?re here for her alcohol measurements. ?


Two truckloads of alcohol have been stolen by a group of armed men who held up the Distell Springs plant.


Our analysts monitoring the situation around the Globe explain that after COVID-19 crisis the market will generate remunerative prospects for producers. The goal of the report is to provide a further


The global Malt Whisky market report offers complete overview of various aspects. The report includes the major market conditions across the globe such as the product profit, price, production, capaci


The coffee giant is banking on a new store strategy, its growing loyalty program and plant-based food to recover sales lost due to COVID-19.


The dynamic partnership between OMEGA and ALINGHI has brought the very best of Swiss precision, innovation and pioneering spirit together. In tribute to this unique sailing collaboration, a brand new


SAB has halted R5bn in investments in South Africa over the next two years, while Heineken SA is reevaluating plans to establish a new major production facility in KwaZulu-Natal...


Diageo benefited from the strong performance of its Tequila and North American whiskey portfolios in its fiscal year through June, with its core U.S. spirits business posting 2% organic sales growth.


A mountain of booze passes through the Gear Patrol office every month.


Video footage shows a white sports car accelerate straight into Botanicum Cafe & Grill's sidewalk seating on Tuesday morning.


Francis is also planning to release a music video with crowdsourced material from fans.


Dillon Francis teams up with Malibu to renew the viral 2010 track for a good cause.


Decades ago, a marketing stunt promised Philippine soda drinkers a chance at a million pesos. But what it led to was disaster. 


Sammy Hagar and The Circle have announced their first show date since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic taking place in September.


Rum is the most perpetually misunderstood of the major liquor families--allow us to demystify it for you.


For those ready to say good-bye to summer, Starbucks Corp. undefined has announced that its Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) and Fall Blend products are now...


From fast food outlets and fine dining venues to Italian, Asian, Mediterranean and everything else in between, the suburb of... Read More



Keep your spirit high with these refreshing cocktails.


'Marketing gets harder as you have to spend more time and recourses convincing people of your safety procedures.'


Lentils have been around for quite some time and are present in many cuisines from across the world. Perfect for quick meals and great source of protein.


Bring the magic of cheese and wine to your home with Wijn's curated boxes.