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The Best Cocktail You Have Ever Tasted Is In A Can!

The canned ready to drink cocktails are one of the best things to happen to people who enjoy cocktails. You can enjoy your favorite or even try a wide range of cocktails without laboring to make them. The RTDs cocktails are prepared differently with varying alcohol content depending with the company. Read the packing before you drink to avoid getting drunk than you expected. The following are the best-canned cocktails that any bartender or expert would recommend:


Love Meat And Beer? Here’s How To Do It Right

Do you relish a grilled steak and a cold beer?   It is hard to find a food and drink pair that beats this one. It is a classic and a food staple in many cultures.  The perfect pairing comes from knowing your beer and how its flavor plays into the flavors of different meats. The good thing is that with the variety of beers and meats, your pair options can be as wild as you imagine. How can you have a delightful meat and beer pairs each time?


Distell Invests In Dagga Business Amid Crippling Booze Ban

South Africa’s top producer of spirits, wines and ciders, has bought a 20% stake in a SA producer of dagga-based oils, teas and skincare items. Distell decision to invest in the marijuana market comes as South Africa’s lockdown prohibition laws continue to cripple the liquor industry.


U.s. Ambassador Toasts Inauguration At Mount Gay

U.S. Ambassador Linda Taglialatela visited the Mount Gay distillery in St. Lucy to toast the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Vice President Kamala Harris. When George Washington was


Glenfiddich’s Special-edition Whisky Box Is The Hamper You Want To Have And Gift This Cny

As we enter a new year, Speyside distillery Glenfiddich is giving whisky lovers something more to appreciate with its stunning special-edition boxes.


A Look Back At Coke And Pepsi Super Bowl Hits, From ‘hilltop’ To ‘chimps’

With the cola giants sidelined this year, here's a review of their Big Game triumphs.

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Beer Brewer Heineken Sa To Cut Jobs, Put Investments On Ice

The South African arm of Heineken will cut 70 jobs and put new investments on hold in the country due to the significant impact of bans on alcohol sales and COVID-19 trading restrictions, it said on W


Eye! Dublin’s Starbucks Was Fined 12,000 Euros And This Is Why

A Starbucks branch located in Ireland was ordered to pay a compensation of 12 thousand euros, because one of the workers drew an "insulting" face to a consumer of Thai origin.


Take A Taste Of Tequila Through Two Trinity University Books, Expert Tips

Trinity University Press has published two books exploring tequila, from its ancient origins to worldwide popularity.


9 Incredible Reasons To Visit Tulum In The Winter

Perfect temps. Lower humidity. Sand, sun, and surf. Combine these vacation musts with our only-in-Tulum recommendations for the perfect winter getaway.


Gin booming Segments; Investors Seeking Growth: Asahi Group Holdings, Bacardi Global Brands, Berry Bros., Campari    – Splash Radio Wales


Bacardi Takes Martini Fiero Aperitif To Us

Bacardi's Martini & Rossi Fiero brand will roll out across US states from next month.


What To Expect From Masterchef Canada’s Five Sponsors

A season based on returning competitors has a mix of new and old sponsors, including IKEA, San Pellegrino, Becel, Cracker Barrel and Miele.


10 Delish Recipes To Try For Veganuary

Have you pledged your support for Veganuary? Well, there's still time. Looking for some tasty vegan recipe inspo? Look no further!


Hyatt Regency Opens Its Doors In Cape Town

The Hyatt Regency Cape Town opened it's doors in Cape Town on 15 December 2020, the first Hyatt-branded property in the Mother City.


6 Chambord Cocktails For When You’re Craving Something Fruity And Refreshing

Mix up your at-home cocktails with a little classic raspberry liqueur for a fruity, refreshingly pink drink.


First Ever Michelin Star For Vegan Restaurant Dished Out In France

ONA Restaurant in France has become the first vegan restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin star on Monday, January 18.


Non-alcoholic Drinks To Help You Survive ‘dry January’ And Beyond

If you set a goal to not drink this January or are forced to due to the booze ban, these non-alcoholic products are a must-have in your minibar.


No Deliveries This Friday As Uber Eats Drivers Protest For Fee Increase

The drivers are demanding a pick up fee of R20 and then R6 per kilometre after the first two kilometres.


Maker Of Savanna, Klipdrift Invests In Dagga Business Amid Crippling Booze Ban

Distell is venturing into the cannabis market after a particularly rough year for the liquor industry.


Greg Sherwood Mw: A Little Comfort For Sa Wine During Its Ordeal

?I drink it when I?m happy and when I?m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I?m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I?m


4 Simple Healthy Recipes With Added Ingredients For Extra Care

These recipes will make it easy to pack nutritious ingredients into every meal.


5 Ways To Eat Healthy While Working From Home

Eating well is always important, especially now with the Covid-19 pandemic.