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Well, if you have a brother in your life then literally, you are blessed with the best. Yes, brother always comes up as a companion with whom you can fight a lot but in the end you need him under the sun to talk about all your annoying stuff, right? He is your sweetest friend who always kept your secrets deep inside his heart. Today, if you are independent and have a successful tomorrow then it is just because your brother is always there to hold you whenever you fail to achieve something. He is your teacher when you are going to hate your exams, he also has been as standard as your mother when you are in an off mood or he is the one who made his little sister stronger and smarter to handle the present world. In a nutshell, we want to say that he is the one who has played multiple roles in your life since you were a kid. Whether he fights with you, scolds you, or pulls your leg all the time, still, brothers are always special to you. He is totally unique from the outer world of men, and this uniqueness comes from a need for a unique gift surely. 


There’s no denying, Monica from the 90s sitcom “Friends” knew how to throw a proper party and mix a classic cocktail. It’s seems like some of that talent extended to actress Courteney Cox’s personal bar skills. 


As Al Capone knew well, liquor businesses are a good way to make money. There are certain brands, kinds, and variants to satisfy all palates and a never-ending demand. But you don’t want to end up in jail as the mobster did, so you’ll have to follow explicit processes to import and sell spirits.


In its best showing at any South African wine competition to date, Diemersdal Estate in Durbanville was named Best Producer at this year’s Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show, which this year celebrates its 20th year as one of the countries leading wine awards ceremonies. Diemersdal came out at the top of the heap of the entries representing the finest the Cape has to offer, winning the Trophy for Best Pinotage with its Pinotage Reserve 2019 and Gold Medals for the Private Collection Bordeaux Blend 2017 and The Journal Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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Cargo-carrying robots have yet to go mainstream, but they certainly make for appealing internet videos.


Budweiser’s incoming Chief Executive Michel Doukeris needs your beer money to pay down the mortgage.

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We review Jim Beam Orange, the latest addition to Jim Beam's flavored lineup. The suggested serve? A highball.


World-renowned bartender Tim Philips-Johansson joins Johnnie Walker as global brand ambassador


" The report titled ?Mezcal Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, And Forec


There are few things as romantic as a cozy weekend away in Cape Town during the rainy season. Not having to worry about the cooking or cleaning, and being


A local four-year university renowned for its successful academic programs across the state will have yet another amenity to help attract students to the small village of New Concord. Coming soon to t


Janet Dietz of Lebanon County amassed an impressive collection of dairy collectables over the course of her life, including milk pails, milk crates and over 1,200 milk bottles.



Dinner does not have to be an extra chore. Prepare these fun, yummy and super easy to make Hawaiian burgers with a side of chips