Taste Sells Starbucks South Africa ? For R7 Million

Listed management group Taste Holdings says it has entered into an agreement to sell the Starbucks master franchise for South Africa for R7 million.


The Big Plan To Turn Starbucks Around In South Africa

Starbucks had a strong launch in South Africa in 2016, but has since become an unprofitable venture for local brand owner Taste Holdings ? forcing the group back to the drawing board on its plan to ta


Ruling Allows South African Estates To Set Their Own Traffic Laws ? And You Can Pay Up To R10,000 For Speeding

In April, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) found that private estates in South Africa are entitled to establish and enforce their own traffic rules.


More South Africans Are Living On The Coast And Travelling Into Johannesburg To Work

An increasing number of South African executives and professionals are becoming ?super-commuters? who travel weekly between their jobs in the city and their homes at the coast or in the countryside.


How Much It Costs To Live In The 10 Best Cape Country Estates

Estate living is one of the fastest growing property trends in South Africa, according to property group Seeff, boosted by the demand for a quality lifestyle in a secure environment.


Hot Cross Buns Can Fool South African Breathalysers Into Thinking You’re Drunk

A new viral video appears to show two Cape Town police officers using hot cross buns to increase their breath alcohol results.


South Africa Is Looking At Introducing A National Plastic Straw Ban

The Department of Environmental Affairs is currently in talks with the industry bodies to phase out or completely ban plastic products like straws and microbeads in South Africa.


Top 10 Best Wines Of 2018

My year-end wine review found me leafing through notes on the 4,000 or so wines I tasted in 2018 to select my “best of the best.”


Coca-cola Invests In Startup That Lets You Pay For Drinks Via Text Message

Coca-Cola is taking a minority stake in Iris Nova, the company behind a cashierless New York City store where customers pay for drinks via text message.


7 Of The Most Expensive Whiskies You Can Buy In South Africa Right Now

Prices for whiskies have soared in recent years as more and more buyers seek out rare single malts from Scotland

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