What You Need To Know Before Starting A Micro-brewery In South Africa

Micro-breweries have grown increasingly popular in South Africa over the last few years, with a number of craft breweries such as Devils Peak, Cape Brewing Company, and Black Horse all gaining interna


Glenfiddich Releases Limited R3,500 Single Malt Aged In Icewine Barrels

Glenfiddich?s rare small batch hand crafted 21-year old single malt whisky finished in Icewine casks is available in South Africa, at a cost of R3,499.99 per bottle.


New Legal Drinking Age For South Africa Is One Step Closer

Following a long consultation period, the Liquor Amendment Bill is now in front of cabinet, and is expected to be passed through parliament within the coming weeks. Originally met with positivity,


How Much Joburgers Are Paying To Move To Cape Town?s Lifestyle Estates

While the semigration to Cape Town is now a well-documented fact, less well-known is that the upmarket estates that these non-Capetonians are moving to are not that different to prices seen up north.


These Are The Richest Streets In South Africa

When it comes to well-heeled buyers, there is now almost no price too high for the right address, whether it is in Cape Town or Sandton, says Seeff Property Group.


Union Fined For Posting Threatening Strike Action Pictures On Whatsapp And Facebook

The dangers of posting on social media has taken an unusual turn with a South African labour union facing a steep fine for the content it posted on Facebook and WhatsApp.


These Are The South African Wines You Should Be Investing In

Wines have replaced collectable vehicles as the most popular investment choice for the world?s super-rich, but they?re also something ordinary South Africans can look to invest in according to Roland


Price Increases In 2017: Spar Vs Pick N Pay Vs Shoprite Vs Checkers

Independent consumer website Retail Price Watch has released its latest survey of product prices across South Africa’s biggest chains in four different categories.


Most Expensive Wines In South Africa

If you have a taste for luxury French wines, then expect to pay tens of thousands of rands for some of the most expensive wines the world has to offer.


These Are The Best Wines In South Africa In 2016

The South African Wine Index (SAwi) has announced the winners of its annual Grand Wines Collection awards for 2016, naming the best wines in South Africa.

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