The Mentor Planning Commission recently decided to table a vote on the preliminary site plans for a new Starbucks at 8323 Tyler Blvd., noting that the designs for the building?s positioning w?


The customer accused the barista of smacking her in the face with a wet rag.


Summer is quickly nearing its end and the first signs of fall are already coming -- here's looking at you Halloween candy displays! With September inching ...


TOWAMENCIN ? A new Starbucks coffee shop being built in Towamencin is nearly done, except for one last request from township officials.


Ayele was formerly senior vice president of Starbucks technology services


Some Starbucks staff members say they're sick of making what they consider overly complex, "disgusting" drinks with excessive numbers of ingredients.


Starbucks illegally retaliated against and fired two Philadelphia baristas who were trying to organize a union, an administrative law judge has ruled. The...


Despite fully reopening in June, Starbucks across Ocala have closed their dining rooms once again in light of a rise in COVID-19 cases.


Although Starbucks hasn?t officially announced any details about the fall menu yet, it?s been leaked online with a rollout date of August 24, and it looks like several favorites will be back ? while o


Starbucks is permanently closing some cafes in the area, but it will also bring its first store meant only for pickup and delivery orders.