If This Doesn’t Make You Believe In Bourbon Blends, Nothing Will

The next Little book whiskey combines Knob Creek, Booker's, Basil Hayden's, and Baker's?four powerhouse Jim Beam bourbons.


The Hands-down Best Rye Whiskey To Drink Right Now

You can't beat a spicy American rye.


Show Us Your Original Margarita Recipe And You Could Win A Trip To A Legendary Hacienda In Mexico

Start shakin'.


Why Jamaican Rum Is The Best Kind Of Rum To Drink

People love the famous Jamaican funk for a reason.


The Hands-down Best Single Malt Scotch To Drink Right Now

Not all scotch whisky is smoky enough to set off a fire alarm?but sometimes that's the most interesting kind.


The Hands-down Best Rum To Drink Right Now

You won't want to waste these bottles on Coke.


The Hands-down Best Gin To Drink Right Now

We're lucky to be living?and drinking?in the middle of a Ginaissance.


Breaking Bad Is Releasing a Real-Life Schraderbräu

It takes a year like this one to remind us how great we really had it in 2013. Batkid was a hero to San Francisco, our president wasn’t a racist game show host, and we had one of the best television series ever in Breaking Bad, a show that answered the question, what if Hal from Malcolm in the Middle were a meth kingpin in the American southwest?


Brewdog’s New Ipa Was Brewed Specifically For Frequent Flyers

Speedbird 100 is the world's first beer brewed at 40,000 feet.


The Hands-down Best Tequila Brands To Drink Right Now

To shoot, to sip, or to mix?and with some Jose Cuervo in there for good measure.

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