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Jagermeister Is On The Rise This Summer; Here’s How To Enjoy It

Whether you are packing it in your cooler box for picnics, parties or having it as shots at the bar, here are four ways of ...


Mast-jagermeister Signs New Nhl Sponsorship Deal

Mast-Jagermeister has extended the sponsorship arrangement between its namesake liqueur brand and the US National Hockey League.


B&m Selling A Yard Of Jägermeister With 10 Mini Bottles For Less Than £10

Bargain shop B&M is selling the herbal liqueur in a pack of 10 miniatures as a perfect party gift this Christmas. For less than £10, you can get an equivalent of a 200ml bottle


Pbr, Millercoors, And Jagermeister Are All Working On The Next Big Drink Trend

Jagermeister just launched a cold brew, MillerCoors is working with La Colombe, and Blue Moon has an iced coffee blonde beer blend.


Mast-jagermeister Names Michael Cleary As Next Uk Managing Director

Mast-Jagermeister has appointed former Pernod Ricard brand manager Michael Cleary as its new UK head.


Ever Wondered How Jagermeister Got Its Name?

This type of liquor has an interesting and symbolic story behind its name and logo. For those of us not fluent in German, the name “Jagermeister” means “Hunting Master”. According to sources in the company, it is said that the name was derived from a story involving St. Hubertus, the patron saint of hunting.


Jagermeister To Stage ‘cursed Canal Cruise’ To Celebrate Halloween

Activation is taking place across 12 nights.


Mast-jagermeister Adds More Cities To Jagermeister Gtr Range

Mast-Jagermeister has expanded its range of city-themed Jagermeister bottles in Global Travel Retail from 12 to 25.


Jägermeister Is Dropping Its First-Ever Clothing Collection

Although we think of Jägermeister as the German herbal drink most commonly gulped down as an ice-cold shot, recently the beverage brand has been looking beyond the bottle to the wider community associated with it. Earlier this year, the Berlin:AFT3R D4RK project honed in on the German capital’s legendary club scene and now, the drinks brand is branching out one step further and launching its first-ever clothing collection.


Jagermeister Launches New Cold Brew Coffee Infusion

We wouldn't recommend it with a Redbull.