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Millions of people around the world start their mornings with a cup of coffee. Coffee lovers are always looking for the best-tasting brews and beans that can give them the jolt they need in the morning. Although everyone who drinks coffee has their own preferences, there are some tips you can follow to get the best coffee-drinking experience.


This lip-smackingly good Waterblommetjie recipe is a South African favourite and serves 4.


CAPTION: Jacques Lategan (Domain Brahms wine maker); Samantha September (Oude Pond Farm); Abraham van Heerden (Windmeul senior wine maker) and Karin Louw (Rhebokskloof wine maker). 

The Waterblommetjie Festival is back this year and promises to be a celebration of all things inspired by this local delicacy. Join hosts Domaine Brahms, Rhebokskloof Wine Estate and Windmeul Kelder on Saturday 3 September for a day of waterblommetjies, wine and family fun. For fantastic food and wine combined with live music and kids entertainment, the Waterblommetjie Festival in Paarl is definitely the place to be.


There is nothing better than drinking your favorite drink while playing your favorite casino game. When gambling at the most reputable casinos, you can find a wide variety of different drink choices, ranging from regular coffee to strong alcoholic drinks like whiskey and cocktails. However, since there are many options available, players can sometimes find it hard to decide what to order. 


Fancy Feast, known for manufacturing cat food, is entering the world of food for humans. But Fancy Feast’s cat food inspires the company’s human food. Yes, you read that correctly. At a limited Italian pop-up in New York City, cat food enthusiasts can dine at Gatto Bianco by Fancy Feast and have human cuisine inspired by cat food.


In a pinch and need an easy dessert recipe you can make in under 1 hour? These 5 options will not only be ready quickly but will taste delightful too.


If you have ever been to events such as a wedding, a work office party or a BBQ, you may have noticed that there seem to be alcoholic drinks that are more popularly served at each of them. This is no coincidence!


I really like food, all food. But there’s still nothing better than a burger sizzling from the grill. The perfect burger is definitely a summertime staple, and there’s nothing quite like firing up the grill and cooking a juicy burger. But how do you grill the perfect burger? 


In the nineties, only around 15% of whiskey drinkers were female. That number has changed as more women are discovering a taste for a drink that has traditionally often been seen as the preserve of males. Now, the ratio for female/male whiskey drinkers is closer to 40/60. And the demand for whiskey is growing.


Tanzania is a marvellous vacation spot due to its privileged location, with the ocean on its east coast and the gorgeous Mount Kilimanjaro on the other side. Locals are welcoming, and you can find a mixture of food, cultures, and friendliness. The main cities of Zanzibar, Dodoma, Dar es Salaams and Moshi are the most popular among tourists. In other words, most restaurants are located here as they attract international visitors. Tanzania offers an array of dishes, from steaks and burgers to local seafood and Indian cuisine. Tanzania has it all.  


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