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Corona Beer Through The Pandemic: Tweets Tell The Tale

The brand had the misfortune of having the product name on packaging and in social media associated with the coronavirus. Here?s how it played out on Twitter.


Corona Beer Parent Company Tops Off Dtc Trend

The direct-to-consumer trend attracted another big name this week, as Corona beer's parent firm, Constellation Brands, acquired Gary Vaynerchuk's Empathy Wines.


Constellation Brands Stock Up 8% On Better-than-expected Earnings

Despite undefinedfears that consumers might shun Corona beer because it reminds them of coronavirus, the brand reported growth in key metrics.


Stop Adverts Comparing Corona Beer To Covid: Delhi Hc

The court noted, ?It appears the plaintiff's statutory and commercial interests will get jeopardised if an interim injunction is not granted in its favour.?


Hc Bars Delhi Firm’s Advertisements Linking Corona Beer With Coronavirus

Mexican manufacturers of Corona beer had approached Delhi High Court saying the ad was in 'bad taste' and demanded over Rs 2 crore in damages.


How Corona Built Brand Equity In Spite Of The Pandemic

Brands can generate love and loyalty, even in a crisis, through building equities and visual triggers, as Corona has unexpectedly discovered.


Crone, Corona Beer And Coronavirus

If one gets 3 Cs on a report card, not very good, correct? I am experimenting with 3 words that begin with ?C? - crone, corona beer and coronavirus. Do they correlate, asks Flo McNichols, in her Coron


Quarantine Cuisine: Corona Beer-can Chicken

As we?re all self-isolating and staying home, we?re preparing more meals for ourselves. Some do this every night and are old pros; others may be feeding ...


Will A Beer With Another Name Taste As Good?

It is well-established that a brand consists of much more than just a name, but we must still acknowledge that the name of a business goes directly to the heart of its identity...


Sell Constellation Brands Stock, Says Mkm, Because Coolers Will Run Out Of Corona Beer

U.S. inventories of the company?s imported Corona and Modelo beers will run out, because the Covid-19 pandemic has halted brewing in Mexico.