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Mexico Border Referendum Cancels Massive Corona Brewery

The company that brews Corona beer took another blow on Monday when the federal government said it would not allow a massive, partly-built $1.5 billion brewery on the border after residents rejected i


Did Coronavirus Really Stop Americans From Drinking Corona Beer?

The answer, thankfully, appears to be, 'No.'


Michael Irvin Oddly Criticizes Corona For Running Ads During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Oh no.


Florida Police Want To Know Who Stole Corona Beer During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Two men stole packs of Corona from a gas station in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and now Wildwood police say they?re trying to identify the culprits.


There’s One Item People Aren’t Panic Buying Amid Coronavirus Chaos

Shoppers seem to be counting all sorts as 'essential' - just not Corona lager.


It’s Time To Buy Corona Beer Stock, According To Rbc

RBC upgraded stock of Corona beer maker AB InBev to the equivalent of Buy on Thursday. The upgrade is a story about how debt, valuation and the coronavirus are impacting consumer-staples stocks.


Corona Beer Customers In Cecil County Find Some Levity

CECIL COUNTY ? A woman recently placed a case of Corona on the checkout counter at Weaver?s Liquors near Elkton, glanced down at the beer for comedic effect and declared


Americans Say They Won’t Drink Corona Beer Because Of Coronavirus. Sales Are Up 5% Anyway.

Investors have largely ignored the survey, since Constellation Brands --owner of Corona--stock, have fallen almost half as much as the broad market.


Is Corona Beer Being Hit By Coronavirus? Oh, Please. That’s A Stretch.

The stocks of both Anheuser-Busch InBev, the company that makes Corona beer, and Constellation Brands, which markets it in the U.S., have been hammered by the coronarivus. But so has the broader marke


Coronavirus Fears Have Already Cost Corona Beer £132 Million In Lost Revenue