Scrambled, fried or … whipped into beer? It might not be the most conventional way to serve eggs, but a decades-old Hanoi cafe is delighting drinkers with a frothy beer cocktail that has no place on a breakfast menu.


If you think that the food in Singapore Airlines first class is impressive, wait until you see what private jet customers are feasting on.


When Sriracha fanatic Griffin Hammond first visited the Huy Fong Foods factory, where his beloved hot sauce is made, it took his breath away – literally.


International annual cooking championship held in the Serbian countryside sees one local team win for the second year in a row.


Young wine drinkers in China are strongly influenced by their friends and social media, and have few preconceptions when it comes to the wine market in general, heard visitors at day one of Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018.


Two fresh fish, dumplings, clams and scallops, kumquats, noodles, puddings – all these and more you should eat for a happy 2018.


If you’re looking to get a new kick from your weekend tipple, how about something boozy made from tofu?


It’s the second-most-popular cheese in France. But genuine Camembert might soon disappear.


Some popular hybrid wines, such as baco noir, were created by accident. Others, such as a sauvignon blanc blended with gewürztraminer, meant to appeal to the Chinese consumer, are best forgotten.


South Africa might have been producing wine since the 17th century, but its vintages remain unknown to many oenophiles.

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