How South Africa Has The Confidence To Make World Class Wines

South African winemakers now have the confidence and the belief to make world class wines and demand the prices they think they deserve


Why Has South African Brandy Been Beating The French At Their Own Game?

South African Brandy has been dominating the international awards scene in recent years. Michelin-starred chef Roger Jones visits KWV and Van Ryn to discover why this is so.

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How Legalising Cannabis Is The Biggest Threat To The Future Of The Wine Industry Warns South Africa’s Bruce Jack

Leading South African winemaker, Bruce Jack, looks at the enormous threat the legalised sale of cannabis around the world is going to have on wine sales


Wines Made From South Africa’s Old Vines Are Key To The Future Argues Roger Jones

Roger Jones, an avid fan of South African wines, explains what is meant by Old Vines wines, and talks to Anthony Hamilton Russell about their importance


Why Robertson is gaining influence in the Western Cape

Once the Western Cape’s hidden gem, Robertson is fast becoming an important wine region both for wine production and wine tourism.


Graham Beck wins top sparkler for second year running

Michelin Star Chef and wine explorer, Roger Jones has spent the last two weeks trawling through the hills of Stellenbosch for new wines, however on Sunday he hosted the first of his three international wine Challenges, which are held this week at the luxury Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town.


Graham Beck wins Battle of the Bubbles again in international sparkler competition

Cuvée Clive from South Africa's Graham Beck wins the top gong in the international Battle of the Bubbles in South Africa for the second year running. But where was the English opposition?


The buzz about South African wine is still alive at Intrepid in off beat whites and red blends

Chris Wilson praises the single varietals of off beat whites and Bordeaux & Rhone red blends at the Intrepid tasting from Wines of South Africa and sees SA verve alive and well in the wines

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Off Beat Reds and White blends showed well at South Africa’s innovative Intrepid tasting

South African winemakers are pushing the Innovation envelope with their Off Beat Reds and White Blends which were highlights of Wine of South Africa's Intrepid tasting at Tobacco Dock


Tasting the bespoke cuvées made specially for the Cape Winemakers Guild

Peter Dean tastes 20 wines selected as the best of the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction Tasting 2016, special cuvées that are only available through the auction

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