Every wonder why there is a plastic ball in your Guinness can?


Stout lovers can now enjoy a Guinness without worrying about the effects the beer might have on their health.


GUINNESS is donating hundreds of thousands of kegs to be used to fertilise Christmas trees after much of their stock went unused during lockdown.


If you are one of the 20 million visitors who have already experienced the Guinness Storehouse tour, it’s time to return for the new Behind the Gates tour to become a Guinness Completist.


Okay, enjoying a Guinness is probably the easy part, but the proper pour is still essential. These tips can also be applied if you are pouring your own from a can or bottle of Guinness.


Between the two taps of Guinness at Joyce’s, the Eltingville tavern flows through about 80 kegs a year. Considering that volume, co-owner Joe O’Toole is well-practiced in pouring the Irish dry stout.


Guinness is tapping into the whiskey market with a blended Irish whiskey set to be released in time for St. Patrick’s Day.


Results from a recent poll by IllicitEncounters.com, revealed that men who drink Guinness are most likely to have an extra-marital affair.